Indian cricket fans have still not come to terms with that Dhoni’s unbelievable last ball run-out against Bangladesh in WT20 2016. In between this, the commentators re-created that moment in an exactly same way.

In the real incident, it was the match between India and Bangladesh at Super 10 stage (Group 2) in WT20 2016, which was played at Bengaluru last Wednesday. It was the must win game for both teams. After winning the toss, Bangladesh elected to bowl first. Indian team only managed to score 146/7 in 20 overs and in reply Bangladesh almost chased down that total.

At one moment, Bangladesh needed only 2 runs in 3 balls while 4 wickets were still in hand. But Bangladesh batsmen threw their 2 wickets in the next two balls. On the last ball, Bangladesh needed 2 runs while 2 wickets still in hand. Hardik Pandya was bowling the last ball, who was on a hat-trick on that ball and Bangladesh batsman Shuvagata Hom was on strike while Mustafizur Rahman was at a non-striker end.

Before the final ball was bowled, Indian captain and wicket-keeper Dhoni removed his right-hand wicket-keeping glove to make it easy for throwing the stumps down. Pandya bowled short and outside the off stump to the Bangladesh batsman, Shuvagata Hom which Hom failed to connect and the ball went into the Dhoni’s hands. After missing the ball, Hom immediately started to take a run along with the non-striker end batsman Mustafizur Rahman. At that time, Dhoni kept the presence of mind as he ran towards the striking end wicket instead of throwing the ball. Finally, Dhoni was successful in breaking the stumps before Mustafizur reached the crease. As a result, India won this thrilling match by just 1 run.

Now, the commentators re-created that exact moment. Former South African pacer Shaun Pollock took the role of bowler Hardik Pandya while West Indian cricketer Daren Ganga was in the role of wicket-keeper MS Dhoni and Russell Arnold (former Sri Lankan cricketer) and Nick Knight (former England cricketer) took the role of Shuvagata Hom and Mustafizur Rahman respectively.

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