New Zealand bowler Trent Boult and Corey Anderson made two different stunning caught and bowled dismissals during the Australia’s 1st innings in the 1st Test between New Zealand and Australia at Wellington.

At first, Left-arm pacer Trent Boult dismissed Australian batsman Mitchell Marsh during the 2nd session on day 2. Mitchell Marsh just faced 1 ball before that stunning dismissal. It was a fuller length delivery which Marsh was trying to play on-drive but checked the shot at the very last moment. Boult followed that ball, reached out his right hand to the ball and finally the ball stuck into his right-hand. Even, Boult couldn’t believe that dismissal as he surprised after taking that stunning catch. Marsh was out on duck after facing just 2 balls.

Other dismissal happened during the 1st session on day 3. Australia’s no.10 batsman Nathan Lyon was facing another Kiwi left-arm pacer Corey Anderson. It was a good-length delivery which Lyon played a straight-drive. The ball was keeping quiet low however Anderson got down and made a half somersault to take that catch. The entire incident happened in very few seconds. Unlike Boult, Anderson was cool and calm after that stunning catch. Lyon departed into pavilion after managing just 3 runs.          


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