Bangladesh's batsman Soumya Sarkar asked for a DRS review even after getting bowled against Sri Lanka in the first Test match in Galle.

Everything happens for the first time? Right. Well, Bangladesh’s Soumya Sarkar seem to have taken this saying to the next level. Not many would have witnessed what’s about to come next. Forget many, no one would have seen this before, a DRS on a clean bowled.

Well, well, it has happened, yes. Ideally it shouldn’t, but not many things can be controlled. During Bangladesh’s first Test against Sri Lanka in Galle, the opener was deceived and was gone for cleaners in the second innings when he thought of taking a DRS call. Not aware about the ball hitting the stumps, the left-handed batsman was quick in reviewing umpire’s decision, which he gave out after being appealed for by the Sri Lankan players. Though with the naked eye, ball first clipped the pad and then rushed onto the stumps, which the wicket-keeper was sure about.

Both batsman and the official were seen looking upstairs for the decision, later realising the ball has dis-launched the bails.

Such an incident doesn’t happen everyday and makes a mockery when being discovered. By doing so, he became the first batsman to have called for the third umpire’s decision after getting cleaned bowled.

Bangladesh, however, lost the first Test match against Sri Lanka by 259 runs. Here is the video:


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