Video: Watch Virat Kohli in teenage

SANDIPAN GHOSH / 01 April 2016

At present, Every cricket fans know the Indian cricket star Virat Kohli. But do you know how he was in the teenage?

Well, in late 2006, Virat Kohli made debut in the first-class cricket for Delhi at the age of 18. From the beginning of his domestic career, he liked to play an attacking cricket.

This video was shot by Trans World Sport in the year of 2007, when they visited in Delhi after India suffered a shocking early exit in the 2007 World Cup. When the video was shot, Kohli just started playing for India U-19.

The young Virat Kohli said about himself, “I’m basically an attacking batsman. I like to chase bowlers and hit them out of the ground.”

After that, Virat Kohli gradually climbed up in the world cricket. He got the attention of world cricket for the first time by winning ICC U19 World Cup in 2008 as captain. Within some months, he made debut in the international cricket for the Indian team and then rest is history. He gradually became one of the best batsmen in the cricket world and won lots of hearts with his marvelous cricket.

Watch the video here:

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