During the World Cup, the “Mauka Mauka” ad went very popular in India. Even it went viral in the outside India and received mixed reactions of this advertisement.

It all started from the India-Pakistan match in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, which was the opening game for the both teams in WC 2015. It was started by an Indian sports channel (Star Sports) who was telecasting that whole tournament in life. It went viral and became very successful in India. After that match, that ad took new shapes before the every match.

Gradually the “Mauka Mauka” ad became a cheer chant for India. After India lost in the semi-final, it was stopped.

But that was not the end. In this year World T20 (WT20 2016), it was back again. Before the India-Pakistan match in the Super 10 stage (Group 2) of WT20 2016, the ad once again came back with a new style. However only one ad was made in this year, but many Indian fans made this ad before many matches in this WT20 2016 and gave it a new dimension.

Now after losing in the semi-final against West Indies, it was again stopped as expected.

But there is now a million dollar question, is this the end of “Mauka Mauka”? Well, we have to wait now for getting this answer.

But can the new video, which was made by Indian fans, give us that answer? Let’s watch the video at below:


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