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Vijay’s exclusion bring big complication for captain Virat Kohli

Almost after a year, KL Rahul is again ready to don the white jersey playing for Indian team again. The so-called rivals in the team Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul will open the innings for the team. Whenever we take the name of these players alongside, the scenes of the last Test match the home series against South Africa comes in our mind where we saw a painful Dhawan venting his anger on KL Rahul.

KL Rahul should be applauded for the fact that he neither reacted nor complaint regarding this attitude of Shikhar Dhawan. If KL Rahul would have let his emotion pour out, then it would have been a big shame for both the players. But he kept his nerves and dealt the situation pretty well.


We know that Murali Vijay is set to miss the second Test match due to a thumb injury and KL Rahul will be the confirmed replacement for him. He will come to bat with a lone aim to score as many runs for the benefit of the team and also to ensure that he is there in the squad for the next Test match.

As we know that every coin has two sides, KL Rahul scoring loads of runs in this match will also be welcomed with joy and little bit tension as if this happens than increase of mental pressure in mind of captain Virat Kohli is there for sure as in this case he will face a selection dilemma in the next Test match.

In no case, he can drop Murali Vijay unless he is unavailable for the next Test too. Dhawan being a senior member too can’t be dropped easily unless he fails in this match and KL Rahul scored the double or triple century.

It is safe to rule out these two probabilities, let’s come to the third one. What if Pujara fails to deliver in this match? In that case, he will sit out for the next match for sure as he has not been in best of the form in past one year and he was also dropped for his continued failures. Pujara who was once seen as the future Test captain now finds his place unsafe in the squad as he too might get dropped in case of another failure.

No one would want the third possibility to take place i.e. Pujara failing to score in this match but yes this will also be a blessing in disguise for captain Kohli on a condition that KL Rahul is able to score runs.

What if KL Rahul is not able to score and also Vijay is not fit for next match?

This will cause a double trouble for captain Kohli as this will increase pressure on him and Ajinkya Rahane lower down the order.

After all the studies, case studies and all, if can be safely deduced that Vijay’s injury has come with a problem and sufferer is captain Kohli more than the team.

There is no third way for him. He has to decide that whether to go this way or that way.

No shortcuts, no U-turns. Just a straight road on which he has to walk alone managing the team and its members.