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Virat Kohli Reveals The Incident When He Received A Letter Written In Blood

Cricketers are treated no less than demigods in this cricket-obsessed nation. No matter whether the cricketer is Indian or not, they always command respect in every corner of the nation. Not surprisingly, the players love to play in India. They get a chance to play in front of jam-packed crowds. They get attention wherever they go and there is no denying that they love the adulation.

But sometimes the fans end up doing something which leaves the cricketers with a bad experience. In a recent interview with Eros Now, Royal Challengers Bangalore stars Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers revealed their bad experience with the fans.

The interview was conducted by famous comedy group AIB. De Villiers started the proceedings by revealing his experience, saying how he ended up with a baby on his lap when he woke up in a flight.

“I was in a flight once.  It might have happened during the IPL games. I was sleeping with my headphones on and I woke up with a baby on my lap.  Someone was tapping on my shoulder and there was a guy who was about to take a selfie. I had my glasses on so I think the guy might have thought that I was actually watching him but I was actually sleeping. “

Kohli soon joined the party. The Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper’s experience was a ‘nasty’ one in his own words.

Virat Kohli Reveals The Incident When He Received A Letter Written In Blood 1
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The 29-year old said that he once received a letter written in blood.

“I had a letter sent to me written in blood. That was nasty. It happened quite a while back in Delhi. I was going away in my car. Pulled the window down to sign something and something popped out of nowhere. I didn’t even see who gave it to me. The name was written on it and I just gave it the security guy. I couldn’t even accept it. It was very scary,” he said.


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