Virat Kohli. Photo-IPL
Virat Kohli. Photo-IPL

Virat Kohli has been asked about his future plans after he finishes with his cricketing career and the cricketer revealed that once he’s done playing, he won’t be seen in public for a long time. Virat Kohli is currently engaged in the IPL 2024 and will also be seen in the T20 World Cup 2024 next month.

Kohli has not shown any signs of slowing down. He is far past the lean patch that gave naysayers a voice a few years ago, and even his harshest critic would not dare to question his physical condition, but the undertone remains every time Kohli takes the microphone.

How long can he keep it up? For how long can those scores be consistent? Is he still eager for runs? The questions take on many forms, but the core meaning stays constant. And Kohli, like Tendulkar and all other great athletes, is well aware of it.

He allows his eloquent self to take over, reassuring the world that he is far from done. But he is not deluded enough to reject the horizon’s existence.

“As sportsmen, we do have an end date to our careers. I’m just working backwards,” Kohli said at an RCB event.

Virat Kohli had made his India debut in 2008 and till now has played 113 Tests, 292 ODIs and 117 T20I matches, scoring well over 26,000 runs with 80 international centuries.

“Don’t want to finish my career thinking of what if”- Virat Kohli

Kohli, 35, continues to inspire young players with his incredible health and consistency in scoring runs at the highest levels. In a recent conversation with his IPL franchise, Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB), Kohli stated that as a sportsperson, he does not want to have any regrets after finishing the game.

“I don’t want to finish my career thinking of what if I had done this on that particular day. I can’t keep going on and on forever. It’s just about not leaving any undone business behind and not having any regrets later, which I’m very sure I won’t have,” Virat Kohli said with a smile.

He made another promise to the fans: “Once I’m done, I’ll be gone. You won’t see me for a while, so I wanna give everything I have till the time I play, and that’s the only thing that keeps me going.”

The current Kohli is far from being done, with 661 runs at an average of 66 scored at a strike rate of 155 in IPL 2024.

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