Ravi Shastri
Ravi Shastri Credits: Twitter

Ravi Shastri described India’s extraordinary collapse during the second Test against South Africa in a totally unexpected manner, sparking laughter among fans and leading to a flood of memes on social media.

Replying to South Africa’s paltry total of 55 runs in the first innings of the Cape Town Test, India were comfortably placed at 153 for 4 with a well-set Virat Kohli and in-form KL Rahul at the crease. What followed afterward shocked the entire cricketing world, as India lost six wickets without adding a run – marking the first time such an occurrence has happened in Test cricket.

As the players were making their way to the dressing room, Ravi Shastri decided to explain India’s collapse in his own witty manner, saying: “If someone went around the corner for a dump and has come back, India have been bowled out for 153.”

The comment went viral in no time as fans hilariously hailed as the best on-air line of all time. Known for his bold and straightforward comments, Ravi Shastri was probably the only one who could have described India’s inexplicable collapse in such a manner on air.

Mark Waugh and Michael Vaughan react to Ravi Shastri’s comment:

Ravi Shastri recently spent some time with the likes of Mark Waugh and Michael Vaughan in Australia while he was on commentary duties during the Big Bash League. And both Waugh and Vaughan were shown Ravi Shastri’s viral ‘dump’ comments after India’s collapse while they were commentating during the ongoing third Test between Australia and Pakistan.

Vaughan burst into laughter after hearing the comments while Waugh came up with an interesting reaction as he expressed concerns.

“What do you need when these big moments happen in cricket? We’ve got the great Ian Smith, who just knows what to say… the barest of margins when the big moments come. So, India had lost 6 for 0, and our man Ravi Shastri, Fox Cricket’s finest, was in commentary. And this is how he summarised the six for none” said the host of the show.

Waugh reacted first, saying: “Does a dump mean the same in India as it does in England?” before the host said: “I think it does.”

Vaughan, on the other hand, was laughing and hilariously said: “I want my dumps to last a bit longer than that to be honest.