Watch: Die-hard fan gets emotional after meeting his idol Sachin Tendulkar for first time in-person at Kashmir hill station
Watch: Die-hard fan gets emotional after meeting his idol Sachin Tendulkar for first time in-person at Kashmir hill station. Photo Credit: Social.

Legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, currently enjoying a holiday in Kashmir, recently had a heartwarming encounter with a devoted fan in the former state of Jammu and Kashmir.

During his visit to Pahalgam, a picturesque hill station in south Kashmir, Tendulkar met an ardent fan whose passion for the sport and admiration for the cricketing legend were truly inspiring.

Moved by fan’s emotional outpouring, Tendulkar listened attentively as the fan shared his story, expressing his deep connection to the cricketing icon.

The young man revealed how he had shed tears when Tendulkar retired, highlighting the profound impact the cricketer had on his life.

“You might have had shed a couple of tears, but I cried all night when you retired,” an excited fan told Sachin.

“Light is gone. Everywhere is night and night,” a fan recalled he has written this quotation when Sachin had hung his boots.

Sachin Tendulkar
Photo Credit: Social.

Sachin in response curiously asked his fan to repeat his name for him.

Identifying himself as Mudasir Ahmed, the ecstatic fan conveyed his overwhelming joy at meeting his idol.

“My name is Mudasir Ahmed,” a man said whose happiness knows no bounds on seeing his idol asking for his name.

He mentioned that Parvez Rasool had obtained Tendulkar’s autograph for him and shared that he had even written a book dedicated to the cricketing legend.

“Parvaiz Rasool has taken your autograph for me and when I saw that I was over the moon,” he told Sachin before adding, “I have written an entire book on you”.

Touched by Ahmed’s heartfelt words, Tendulkar graciously requested the fan’s details, promising to send him a special gift upon his return to Mumbai.

“Please provide me with your details so that I can send you something [as a token of love],” Sachin asked the fan.

“Sir, what should I say?” a fan responded.

“What can I say in this beautiful moment of my life today?” an elated fan quipped.

In the midst of this touching exchange, Ahmed expressed his gratitude and disbelief at the surreal moment he was experiencing, emphasising the significance of meeting his idol.

Accompanied by his wife Anjali Tendulkar and daughter Sara Tendulkar, Tendulkar explored various tourist attractions in the Himalayan region, including the Martand temple and a bat-making unit in Chersoo Pulwama. He also took the time to sign a bat for his fans.

The news of Tendulkar’s presence in Kashmir drew crowds of people eager to catch a glimpse of the legendary cricketer, underscoring the enduring popularity and admiration he commands.

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