The head of Australia’s players’ union has made a proposal to introduce a transfer system to “better utilise unemployed Test-quality players”.  It has been suggested that star players, like Kevin Pietersen, who are abandoned from his national side (England), could play for Zimbabwe to retain in the international cricket.

Australia Cricketers’ Association’s (ACA) has reported 10 recommendations in their new annual report but the most interesting proposal is the ‘international transfer system’.

The ACA president Greg Dyer said that the ICC should “create a controlled and targeted international player transfer system, irrespective of passport qualification, aimed at levelling out the playing strength of all Test countries and better utilising otherwise unemployed Test-quality players. Say, a maximum of three internationals per team and with a minimum three-year commitment required. (Think Kevin Pietersen playing for Zimbabwe?).”

Dyer also showed his supports for Test championship, which had been planned to start from 2017 but scraped it at later.

Dyer believes every match would be made more relevant by creating a “Test Cricket Championship across two-year cycles, with home-and-away points leading to a four-team finals series.”

He added, “This is clearly not a new idea, but will require a return to an agreed Future Tours Program involving all countries. It will also require a longer-term approach extending beyond the bilateral agreements that are currently in place …”

He further said Test teams should never be allowed “to commence a Test series without at least two serious, true first-class lead-up matches”.

Dyer also showed his happiness about the Srinivasan’s removal from the ICC chairman. Dyer said, “As I write, I am enjoying a quiet celebration over the removal of N.Srinivasan”.  

Dyer also believes that the “big-three leading structure” in the world cricket can’t take the game into the development. He said, “Realistically, Srinivasan’s ignominious departure is unlikely to undo the impact of the 2014 creation of the India/England/Australia troika, which now dominates the ICC club.”


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