2018 FIFA World Cup: Revealed - The Whopping World Cup Prize Money

2018 FIFA World Cup: Revealed – The Whopping World Cup Prize Money

fThere is absolutely no denying that winning the World Cup is the pinnacle of football for almost every footballer. The prestige associated with winning the coveted trophy of the holy grail of the game lasts a lifetime. Being a part of the World Cup-winning team immortalise the player in his country’s football history.

What makes winning the title even more glorious is that it only comes around every four years. The top 32 nations vying for the top prize in the game makes this competition one of the best spectacles. Well, the World Cup trophy is not the only thing the 32 teams competing in the tournament are playing for.

2018 FIFA World Cup: Revealed - The Whopping World Cup Prize Money 1
World Cup Prize Money

As with most top-level football competitions in the modern era there are financial rewards for winning the World Cup. And what makes the World Cup even more interesting is that there is some lucrative reward even for every side. Even for those who don’t win the title or progress far.

In October 2017, FIFA had confirmed that a total of $400 million would be shared between the participants at the tournament in the form of prize money. The amount was a 12 percent increase from the previous tournament in 2014.

Simply qualifying for the tournament was worth a minimum of $9.5m ($8m for taking part in the group stage and $1.5m for tournament costs).

If a team progressed from the group stage but got knocked out at the round of 16 they got an extra $4m (a total of $12m).

Teams that lost in the quarter-final received a further $4m ($16m) and the semifinalists each received different amounts based on the result. The beaten semi-finalists who contest the third-place play-off shared $46m, with $24m going to winner and $22m going to the loser.

The final was a $66m game and the winner received $38m with the runners-up getting $28m.

That means France pocketed a handsome $38m after thrashing Croatia 4-2 in the title-decider.

So here is the 2018 World Cup prize money breakdown:

Finish Payout Team(s)
Champion $38,000,000 France
Runner-up $28,000,000 Croatia
Third Place $24,000,000 Belgium
Fourth Place $22,000,000 England
Quarterfinal $16,000,000 Uruguay, Russia, Brazil, Sweden
Round of 16 $12,000,000 Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, Spain, Denmark, Switerland, Colombia
Group Stage $8,000,000 Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Australia, Iceland, Peru, Nigeria, Serbia, Costa Rica, South Korea Germany, Tunisia, Panama, Senegal, Poland