The Premier League is one of the most competitive domestic tournaments in the world of football and it has in the pat provided some moments that will be remembered for ever. Over the years, a number of world class players have proven their worth in England’s top flight domestic league and have made it one of the best competitions in Europe.

But even with all the quality that each team has in their squad, there are always players who fail to live up to their expectations and over the years, the Premier League has seen a number of players who have struggled to get to grips with the challenges of the competition.

This year has been no different with teams around the country competing for the title with some world class players playing against each other. And it year has also seen a number if high profile players fail to showcase their talent for their club. Here are 5 such players who have failed miserably to make an impact this year on the League to make this ‘Flops of the Year’ list from our side in no particular order:



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