Football Is Coming To An End? – European Super League Ready To Be Tabled

European Super League
European Super League. Image Credits: Twitter

The concept of the European Super League has been proposed way back in the 1990s. But it could not come into reality for so many reasons.

But it looks like it is happening finally. And if it happens, football will be destroyed forever.

European Super League
European Super League. Image Credits: Twitter

Before anything we must make the concept of the European Super League clear to those who are still not aware of this madness;

12 big teams will be involved in this league from all over Europe. All the teams that are involved in this league will not be able to join any other league. No UEFA Champions’ League, no UEFA Europa League, not even domestic leagues.

And this is not everything, the worst part is yet to come; the footballers of these 12 clubs may get banned from International football as well.

The biggest football clubs all around the world are supporting this decision that is made. The teams that might be in this league are; Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspurs, AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Juventus.

European Super League
European Super League. Image Credits: Twitter

The owners might be ready to do anything for money, but none of the fans are ready. In fact, the fans of all the clubs involved in this proposal are furious just after the news broke. And the way the fury and turmoil are increasing, it looks like it is heading towards a very bad situation.

Football legends including Gary Cahill, Roy Keane, Micah Richards, Arsene Wenger all have spoken against it. And they have constantly mentioned ‘greed’ is taking over football and the emotions of billions of fans.

But it is stalled as of now, thanks to two big teams except these 12 teams only, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint Germain. As of now, these two big teams do not want this to be implemented. And that must have been the only reason why it is not coming to reality.

It is also rumored that if these teams remain stubborn on their decision, UEFA may declare PSG as the winner of this year’s UEFA Champions League.

European Super League
European Super League. Image Credits: Twitter

Fans of all these big teams are feeling really ashamed of their club owners. The banter has been spread all over social media, and now it seems like the protests will soon come to the streets as well.

We seriously hope this madness does not reach any conclusion and it gets scrapped as soon as possible.

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