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Jose Mourinho' THE Chosen One" – Gkriss 

Jose Mourinho ”The Chosen One “ – Gkriss

Before I begin this article, I will like to give glory and honour to the one who has inspired and given me the power and grace to do this,JESUS CHRIST. All the glory must return back to you our father in Heaven( God) and as people all over the world read this article, let your power, light, anointing and glory be made manifest in their lives( Irrespective of their level of faith) that they may know you are the only God in Jesus name. Besides you, there is no other god.

    Who is Jose Mourinho?
An average sport fan and people all over the world knows the name Jose Mourinho a renowned household name in the world especially the entertainment world (Sport- Football). He a natural born winner, leader, result oriented, self-confident person with a great and very unique personality. He is widely regarded as one of the best coaches in the game of football and the “Special One”. Truly he is special but“more than special”. Although some people seem to struggle with his personality because of his style of management, style of football, being an extrovert and very ambitious person with a mentality of winning only. But I do not agree to some of the unconstructive criticism levied at him (especially the recent view of Mr Fabio Capello and Mr John Cyruff) given the fact that no human being is perfect and no one can do what he does in the way he does it. This is why he is more than special but “the Chosen One and king of football managers of the new generation after that of Alex Ferguson’s generation. Pep Guardiola is doing a great job along other managers but currently the value that Jose Mourinho brings to the game of football is highly priceless and no other football manager in his generation as ever done so. He is the best manager Chelsea ever had and will be for the foreseeable future in the game of football if we can stand by him and appreciate the more the value this great man has brought to the game of football worldwide.
Chelsea current position and Performance level (The roots of the problem)
Chelsea current position is not a true reflection of the worth of the team and what is expected from a great team like Chelsea. A team that won the league last season with a distance cannot decline so badly to the current state of Chelsea performance at the moment if not something beyond the control of man and nature has happened to Chelsea (the players , manager and the club). The performance has been appalling and disappointing to the football stakeholders (especially we the Chelsea fans) who rated Chelsea to be the favourite to win the premier league for 2015/2016 season. Is this hope and expectation over? Can Chelsea still win the league?Is Jose Mourinho still the best manager for us?We still love and believe in our best manager Jose Mourinho and we are gonna stand by him.
    Our performance this season has raise a lot of questions and made many to question if Jose Mourinho is still the best manager for Chelsea or still knows what he is doing. Majority have written off the chance of Chelsea winning the league and expect Jose Mourinho to be sacked soon especially given the fact that Brendan Rogers was sack recently despite Liverpool being above us on the premier league table.I tell every stakeholders of the game of Football today, that Jose Mourinho will not be sack and my team (Chelsea Football Club) shall rise again if my father in Heaven and Lord Jesus Christ still lives who has revealed the root of the problems Chelsea is facing. I will not rest until my team is back to the top. 10 points is too small for my God to overhaul. With man it’s impossible but with God, all things are possible (Mark 10:27). Watch and see what the Lord will do as He takes Chelsea back to the top of the league. This season shall be more fruitful for Chelsea and everyone connected to the club especially Jose Mourinho and the fans, thus says the Lord.

Is Jose Mourinho current criticism justified or is it over for him?

Some key managersand football expert in the game of football have seized this opportunity to hit out and attack my Chelsea football club especially Jose Mourinho rather than provide solutions or help. I do understand their position and where they are coming from. One thing I know is a man’s success create good enemies and friends” Their criticism and current situation of Chelsea will make Jose Mourinho a better person and manager and will now push him to greater success for the rest of his career like never before. A great coach like Jose Mourinho deserve much more credit for what he has brought to the game of football and his achievement in the game than what he is currently receiving. This is man that never played football but has great understanding than most coaches who played the game and became a manager. His achievements and records speak for him. Apart from Sir Alex Ferguson and a very few managers, others will always play catch up to Jose Mourinho’s achievement forever. Sir Alex Ferguson recently gave a word of encouragement to him and I believe that is what he needs and what we should all do. This is the beginning of greater things to come in the football manager career of Jose Mourinho. A new thing has begun in his life and any club he coaches. So by his standard, the criticism is justified but we should all remember he is just a man but not God. So please cut him some slack cus He is the “The Chosen One” for the new generation of football manager and nothing can stop that.

                         The cause of Chelsea problems

Everyone seems to be at loss as to the cause of Chelsea’s current performance crisis but I am not anymore rather I will take responsibility for everything that has happened to my club this season. Chelsea current problems is more spiritual than physical as God has been revealing to me for almost four months now but it took me until last week to fully understand the message He has been passing across to me since July, 2015. Chelsea has been losing matches in the spiritual realm since July, 2015 before the season started but I thought it was just about my love and passion for Chelsea. They have been struggling to win a match in the spiritual realm and that is the manifestation and true reflection of what we have all seen at Chelsea this season. People only judge by what they see and I do not blame them.

Blame neither Mourinho nor the players anymore cus this was a curse placed on the team especially because of the achievement of Jose Mourinho and they know if he continues as Chelsea manager, he will lead Chelsea to unprecedented level of success in the nearest future. I have interceded with my prayer team and the Lord has shown His mercy upon my team and reverses the curse back to sender. I hereby tell all Chelsea fans globally to take heart cus the dark moment of losing matches are over because we are now back to winning ways in the spiritual realm. This was shown to me on Monday in one of my dreams and visions from God. Anything that is after my heart, my God protects it. Chelsea is a team after my heart. So Mr Roman, you have done well by standing with Jose Mourinho. Please resist the temptation to sack him cus there shall be no other better manager than him for Chelsea until his generation is over. Jose Mourinho is a rare blessing and gift to Chelsea and the game of football.

Should Jose Mourinho change his style of football and management?

His style of football and management has made him one of the greatest football managers the game of football has ever had in Just 15 years of his career. So why change it because of a few bad results. Change nothing my brother, friend and father Jose Mourinho cus God has created and made you the way you are. If you have to change anything, let it be for God not man. Please do everything to please God not man. Only listen to His voice and He will give you divine direction and lead you out of the current problems at Chelsea. Your style of football and management is unique and its one your greatest strength and blessing from God. That is why it has made you very successful

Lesson and word of advice for Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho is a man I respect so much and that will never change. I became a Chelsea supporter year 2006 and have never regretted my decision to join Chelsea and will never do in my lifetime. The three key factors for my love for Chelsea are Jose Mourinho, Uniqueness (Our style) and the winning mentality he gives to us. We can never be a Barcelona neither can any team play like Chelsea and be successful like us with our style without a Jose Mourinho. However, God has allowed the current situation to happen to Chelsea and Jose Mourinho that he may not know and remember it is neither by his power nor might but by the spirit of God that has made him and Chelsea successful. God made Jose Mourinho who he is today and was created to be the king of football managers of his generation (Deuteronomy 8:18). So Mr Mourinho, it’s time to give all the glory and honour to the one who made you who are and humble yourself before Him that He may lift you up again( James 4:6, Matthew 23:12) . Only God can help you my beloved friend, father and Brother Jose Mourinho.

Need for Intercession for the game of football

I think it’s high time we the stakeholders and lovers of the game of football worldwide do more of prayers and intercession for the beautiful game of football rather than playing the blaming game always. The game of football is currently suffering its darkest moment from the top (if the head is sick, the whole body will be affected). FIFA and UEFA chiefs are currently suspended for alleged bribery and corruption and current situations at Chelsea especially with Jose Mourinho should give us more concern and its call for divine prayers and intercession which I have already began with my prayer team.

Lesson and advice to football stars and my fellow celebrity

It’s important that to know and remember that for millions of people worldwide to celebrate what you do, demands more responsibility and accountability to God and the people who you are called to serve. It’s a privilege, gift and blessing from God to be at the top not our own doing. The current underperforming state of Chelsea stars is a good example of what happens when people don’t really give all the glory to God and forget their source. Without God, man is nothing but sand or dust of the earth. We are God creations and He has made us and sent us to earth only for His purpose, nothing more. So my message to all my fellow celebrities’ worldwide and every children of God is, let the fear of God be in you at all times and do everything on earth to please Him not yourself or man.

Can Chelsea still win the premier league for season 2015/2016?

Yes they can still do and will do only if they will obey the word of God and ready to acknowledge Him in all they do. They belong to the top and can never be brought. I like the message of Jose Mourinho during his press meeting yesterday saying” I know in few months from now, we are going to be where we should be normally but the reality now is we are not there now”. He is not scared of losing his jobs nor cares about what people is saying but cares and worry about returning back the peace and joy he has always given to we the Chelsea supporters. This is the kind of attitude needed to turn things around in our darkest moment and period of severe trials and tribulation. For me, he is a man of faith, crying to God for help and taking the responsibility for Chelsea current situation because he is the “The Chosen One” by God to take us to our promise land of being the best football club in the world. I see him staying far longer than his current contract with Chelsea. There is more to share about my beloved Chelsea, Jose Mourinho and the game of Football and God purpose and plan for the game of football and entertainment.

The Earth belongs to God

Conclusively, I want to give the thanks, glory and honour to God for chosen me for this assignment and giving me the divine solution to put an end to Chelsea problems and the game of football. Truly, this is far beyond any man except the one God has anointed for such an assignment. I will be speaking with Mr Jose Mourinho, the players, the owner of Chelsea and my beloved fans of the game of football and all children of God globally in the nearest football. Entertainment and everything on earth belongs to God not the devil. So always run to Him for divine solutions to our problems not devil or man who owns and control nothing except by the grace of God.



Article written by:

Gkriss (Godwin Chris)

Minister of God/ Motivational Speaker/ Chartered & Certified Accountants (ACCA)/ Professional Singer/ Youth Mentor & Coach/ Founder of Gpinise Entertainment & 818 Inspirations.

Contact: [email protected]


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