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Former Liverpool boss talks about Liverpool's defense on MNF

Former Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers and Jamie Carragher were speculative of the advantage of the set-piece defence that has become a big part of

Liverpool’s problems this season, which was highlighted in Sunday’s match against Manchester United where they lost 1-0.

Liverpool’s prolonged continuation of the method didn’t work out to their favour and Manchester United became the seventh team to score from a set-piece

situation against Liverpool on Sunday at Anfield.

The only goal of the match came from Wayne Rooney and it was Juan Mata’s cross which found Fellaini in the box.

The header struck the bar and the ball to Rooney who made no mistake in converting that one to a goal.

A worrying statistics is that Liverpool have conceded more number of goals in this way than any other club and Carragher has termed this as “alarming”.

Apparently, they have conceded seven goals from set-pieces and it is worrying factor for the Reds for sure.

No sooner did the United players get into the box, Klopp had pre-planned to use three men to mark zone-wise and five others to concentrate on United

players and Henderson was supposed to mark the towering Fellaini.

Rodgers prefers a man-to-man marking in such situations and said,

“Normally the opponent will send five players into the box – normally one in front of the goalkeeper and four attacking the ball, splitting their runs into

various areas. My preference is to have players marking those four and have one marking the guy around the goalkeeper.”

So he feels that Klopp should be wise enough to solve his defensive problems by trying to adopt man-to-man marking since the zonal marking is definitely

not working to his favour.

Jordan Ibe’s slow reaction after the ball reached Rooney didn’t help and the United forward made no mistake in completing the formalities from the short


Rodgers however was supportive towards his former player and told that it was just inexperience which cost him as he didn’t expect the ball to come in the

box after it found the bar.

Well Klopp is definitely trying to implement new things at Anfield and maybe should take more care to make his players familiarize with their roles in

training before a match if he wants to continue with the set-piece formation.

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