Manchester City defender in trouble with the FA over betting allegations

Manchester City defender in trouble with the FA over betting allegations

After a not so convincing season at the fag end of his career, Manchester City defender Martin Demichelis is now involved in an unwanted altercation with the FA in regards to his betting habits.

Since 2014, the FA have put into force, rules that prevent any professional football player or manager from placing bets on any worldwide football activity.

And it is now understood that the ex-Bayern Munich defender has been charged by the Football Association over alleged betting offences in January.

The Argentine national has not featured constantly under Manuel Pellegrini at City and is looking to retire from international football this season.

He has made 18 appearances for the club but has not been able to cement his place in the starting XI at the Etihad.

He is accused of 12 breaches relating to betting on football matches between 22-28 January this year and has been charged by the Football Association.

However, a spokesman from the FA revealed that Demichelis was only accused of placing bets on football matches and none of those charges relate to any of the games Demichelis has featured in this season.

It was made clear by the spokesman that the 35-year old is only accused of inappropriate betting activity, not match-fixing.

The Football Association has the power to take drastic measures in cases like these but Demichelis is expected to get away with a fine rather than a suspension as it is understood that he was only involved in betting activity for overseas games.

The FA also made it clear that the main objective of these rules is to prevent any betting activity from active footballers around the globe as mentioned in a statement by a spokesperson.

“The bottom line nowadays is that no footballer can bet on football matches anywhere,” the FA spokesman said.

Neither the player nor the Etihad franchise have made any statement on these allegations but it is widely expected that the 35-year old will be slapped a hefty fine for the breach of the rules.

Demichelis has until 5pm on April 5 to respond to the charge and is free to participate in all the games for his club.


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