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Movie Review: Roanldo the film

“Nothing my friend nothing nothing nothing is impossible”

Jorge Mende’s words resonate in your head at the end of the film ‘Ronaldo’. Released worldwide on 9th November 2015 ‘Ronaldo’ is a beautiful insight into the mind of the world’s biggest superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

The film revolves around the year Ronaldo won the La Decima and his third FIFA Ballon d’or. As a fan you look up to someone like Ronaldo and wonder; what is this guy’s story apart from all the glitz and glamour? And this film appeases your appetite of knowing the man who wowed the biggest clubs of Europe at the age of 16. But ‘Ronaldo’ might work for some people and might not appeal to many others. As a Ronaldo fan I was left with a mix set of opinions at the end of the film.

Though the film is beautiful with great camerawork and detailing, it left me wanting to know more. In the film Cristiano stresses the importance of a family and being a close knit unit and this makes you wonder as to why there was nothing about his family at Real Madrid. Ronaldo was a part of the team that won the 10th title after 12 years and as a fan I would have loved to see how the biggest superstar works in the biggest club at the highest level.

A peek into the Blancos dressing room or a practice would have been a welcome sight. To see him help the likes of James, Morata, Bale and Isco would have been a useful insight into his psyche. Also among the things that have shaped up his personality today, were the formative years at Manchester United.

He came to the club at the age of 18 and was paid a whooping £12.24 million, more than any kid at that age even dreams of! He played with the biggest stars during his time at Old Trafford and what Ronaldo has achieved today is in a big way attributed to his life at United. Yes the film was about the third Ballon d’ or, but the obsession and drive that are the two basic ingredients of his personality were formed early on and his time at Manchester United just tells you about the never ending dreams of that Lisbon wonder boy. And now, about narcissism that is a general tone of the film. If you find him arrogant and obsessive and totally bonkers about himself then well it is your problem!

Ronaldo lives on the philosophy that he is the best and frankly what is so wrong in that? The things he has achieved and after everything he has endured thinking like that is in my opinion his right. Cristiano Ronaldo was an unwanted child (spoilers!) and came from a very humble background to become one of the most valued players in the world.

When you have travelled as far as he has you can afford to be narcissistic. There could be thousands who would say that Messi has also endured a lot to achieve greatness that has become synonymous with the Argentinian magician. And that ideology is what the film tries to break. Both of them are different people and it is the competition between them that strives them to be better, to reach higher. They revel in the rivalries and see each other as two people who push each other to be better.  

The film can essentially be called a masterpiece in the way it depicts the loneliness and the hardships that goes into the making of a professional footballer and a superstar. The plights that the family endured to a strained relationship with the father, from the saga of a love child to the saga of becoming the player with the highest transfer fee, the film takes you through all these episodes and you see and feel everything from the eyes of Cristiano Ronaldo. You will no doubt empathize when he fails to take his country forward in the World Cup, you will be happy with him when he wins the Ballon ‘d or, and you will be touched by the way he is trying to be the best parent to Cristiano Jr. You might hate him or you might love him but you sure can’t ignore him.

As an afterthought I wish the film had come out a bit later, when the two superstars of our generation have retired and then they look back at all they have achieved and all that they have given to this game because we all know that both of them have many more laurels to win and many more battles to fight with each other till they hang their boots. That will be a day! That will be a great day!

Overall Rating: 3/5

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