Shocking: Arsenal employee quits job blaming Wenger, you won’t believe the reason!

Joke of the day: Arsenal employee quits job blaming Wenger, you won’t believe the reason!

A bizarre letter is going viral on social media on Monday, as an Arsenal employee has quit his job just to force Arsene Wenger into buying new players this summer.

The Gunners drew 0-0 at Leicester on Saturday, while as soon as the full-time whistle blew, it felt like the entire Gooners away support were shouting for Wenger to resign.

In his post-match interview, Wenger was once again grilled about Arsenal’s lack of spending in the summer.

The Frenchman in reply made an astonishing statement. He claimed that one of the reasons Arsenal have had limited spending this summer is due to the club’s responsibilities in making sure all 600 employees at the club get paid.

That’s provoked the following Arsenal fan to quit the job.

The Arsenal fan revealed how he worked in the club shop for 7.20 pounds per hour, while his yearly wage adds up to what Theo Walcott earns in one week.

Here is the letter for you.

if Arsenal go on a storming run in the Premier League and narrowly miss out on the title then there could (just) be a case to be made for him staying on.

But it is hard to see Arsenal getting to where they want to be now with Wenger as their manager. A discussion should take place at the end of the season with Wenger offered the role of director of football. He is perfect for that job. He should not simply leave the club.

It is awful to argue that managers should lose their jobs but Wenger’s position at Arsenal has to be looked at hard-headedly.

The club needs a change. Be careful what you wish for, they say, and point to Manchester United as evidence: but that is only if the wrong choices are made as to who succeeds Wenger. Arsenal need fresh impetus, a new start. Wenger cannot provide that.