Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino's reaction to FA's ban on Dembele
Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino hits out at FA's 6-game ban for Mousa Dembele

FA have handed out a Six match ban out to the Tottenham Hotspurs Midfielder Mousa Dembele. The spurs midfielder was caught in an eye gauging bust-up with Chelsea striker Diego Da Silva Costa after the Battle of the Bridge, last Monday. After checking the video footages FA decided to suspend Dembele for Six matches.

Meanwhile The Sun reports, the Tottenham boss claims that the FA have been unfair to his team and clearly this is not the first time they are being treated like this in recent weeks. According to Pochettino, Dembele’s punishment is too much compared to his crime, and FA have been unfair to them. The Spurs boss is unhappy as he thinks that in such an ill-tempered, intense match , those things can happen.

Poch said: “In football, our responsibility is to be professional. When you are professional, you do not give your opinion, your personal opinion. “If I support Tottenham, playing against some team which are fighting for the title or to survive then I can’t give my opinion like a supporter. I need to give my opinion like a professional. “It’s always dangerous when something happens like that. “Maybe in the last few weeks or months, we know some football people maybe don’t behave like professionals We need to be careful. “Maybe in the next few meetings of the Premier League, the managers and also the staff, we need to say that in future we must be careful with all these comments in public.”

Chelsea No. 10, Eden Hazard scored the 2nd goal, a late equalizer to draw level the match at the bridge. But according to the Chelsea star, he wanted to stop his London rivals at any cost from winning the Premier League and backed Leicester City to win it. Hazard believed he scored the winner not the equalizer! Not only Hazard but also Begovic and Fabregas publicly vowed the same before the match.

Poch said: “Sometimes people say my press conference is boring because I’m very polite or political. No, I am professional. That’s a big difference. “I don’t want to popular. I want to be professional. That’s the most important thing. “It’s easy to say big things against our enemy because it makes it look like ‘Oh, the people love me, I’m very strong, so I’ll say things like this.’ Come on. We are professional. “The managers, the league, the players’ association need to say that we must behave professionally. “We need to play, be honest and show integrity and be professional always. “I like it when our opponent fights and tries to win. But if we want to keep healthy football in the future and don’t be cynical and dishonest, we need to behave in a different way.”

Tottenham will face Southampton at the St. Mary’s today, but Dembele cannot play that match due to his ban, which is a huge setback for the team. The Spurs boss believes that Tottenham are no longer a soft team, they have got the aggression, attitude, and the character to achieve anything, and the game at the bridge proved that.

He said: “This is a good improvement. I hear in the last few years that in the past Tottenham were soft, but now we start to show character. “We crossed the line maybe yes, I’m not stupid. But it’s important to manage better our energy for the next season and be sure we learn from this a lot. “This season we showed we are not a nice team to play against. Not anymore. “Our opponents don’t like to play against us because we show passion. Maybe too much passion. “But we need to take it in a positive way. We need to manage it in a better way and try to win the title. “If you want to be a contender for the Premier League sometimes things like this happen.”


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