Kurt Angle Reveals His Current Role In The WWE

Kurt Angle Reveals His Current Role In The WWE

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Legendary name Kurt Angle has not been on WWE TV since Wrestlemania 35 that may have not been good news for his fans. But he still is very much oriented with the company in a backstage official’s role.

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WWE can’t expect to have a safer name in charge of putting on matches than him who was considered to be one of the best technical wrestlers.

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The six-time world champion recently had an interview with The Chicago Tribune to talk about a number of things including his new position with the company. Kurt Angle claimed that he helps newer talents and structuring matches for the talents, (courtesy sescoops.com)

“I help structure matches that the talents have. It’s just giving my feedback and evaluating what the wrestlers do, the most important thing is once you learn the basics, limit your bumping.

We only have so many bumps in our career. If you do it excessively at the beginning of your career, you’re going to cut your career short. If you save your body, it will help you enormously.”

The veteran name also revealed that earlier in his career, a lot of amateur wrestlers advised him not to step in the world of professional wrestling. They thought it was some sort of ‘degrading’. But Kurt Angle would eventually go on to pave the path and set his own legacy.

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Kurt Angle is a bonafide first-ballot Hall of Famer to be present in the WWE. Growing age has definitely left its effect on his body but he remained a huge attraction for the fans whenever stepping into the ring.

As seen in his last set of matches, the veteran was not in good shape, at all. This led to a retirement match for him at Wrestlemania 35 which was in a losing effort against Baron Corbin.

The WWE roster is filled up with the biggest in-ring talents from all over the world. They are athletically so much fit that we could clearly spot the inaccuracy of Kurt Angle whenever he decided to compete in a match.

His agility was below the average level which shows that he may have to hang up his boots for good. So he never really had regretted on the retirement.