Roman Reigns: Negative Update On The Big Dog’s WWE Return

Roman Reigns: Negative Update On The Big Dog’s WWE Return

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Roman Reigns didn’t work WrestleMania 36 as per the original schedule where he was set to face Goldberg over the Universal Championship. He went home instead after learning that The Miz was feeling sick which was a symptom of being tested positive to coronavirus. Braun Strowman stepped in to capture his place and face Goldberg for the Universal Title. He became the new champion whereas WWE’s Big Dog went into a hiatus.


As per the recent updates from media outlets and his social media accounts, Roman Reigns is still at home spending time in full quarantine mode. He’s not intending to come back to work yet, but WWE isn’t depressed with him for making that decision. However, it’s a fact this creates a difficult situation for WWE to go forward without him for a bigger timespan as he’s the franchise player of the company.

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No momentum has been noted toward Roman Reigns coming back to the squared circle, as of now. He showed eagerness to make a return as soon as the coronavirus pandemic gets over, but that won’t be happening anytime soon. reports that there is no talk is going on around the former Universal Champion being a part of WWE’s SummerSlam plans. His name hasn’t appeared backstage creative perspective for a long time.


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At this point, it seems that WWE doesn’t have any plans for Roman Reigns, but going by WWE’s history, that isn’t a sign that he’s gone for good. We can’t count out Vince McMahon from pulling off a huge shocker where only some people will know about the unexpected returning moment of the Samoan Superstar.

Although, the source mentioned that it isn’t a ‘great idea to place too much on hopes that Roman Reigns will return at SummerSlam.’

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A few days ago, Roman Reigns appeared in an interview with The Hindu to disclose that he can’t wait to get back to the ring and smash people.


“I’m ready to smash people if you know what I mean. I’ve been training my butt off during this pandemic. As far as performing in front of an empty arena is concerned, it is tough and I really commend all the guys and girls who are doing it. Everything that I have ever learned was in order to get a reaction and to interact with our fans… so that is the hardest part.”