Sachin Tendulkar has been extremely helpful - Sardar Singh

Sachin Tendulkar has been Extremely Helpful – Sardar Singh

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Former India hockey skipper, Sardar Singh spoke highly of Sachin Tendulkar recently. Singh called time on his career after the forgettable Asian Games 2018.

Sardar Singh
Sardar Singh called time on his international career after Asian Games 2018. Image Courtesy: Getty

He thanked the former Indian cricket great for mentoring him during the most robust phase of his career. Tendulkar has been a mentor to numerous sports figures and is known for helping them out from time to time.

Sardar credits Tendulkar for talks

“I spoke to Sachin paaji after missing the Commonwealth Games. He spoke to me for two hours. Last 4-5 months particularly, which have been difficult times for me, he has been extremely helpful. He is my mentor. I want to thank him for his help and patience.” he said.

Sardar Singh went on to say Tendulkar shared his own stories of making comebacks when his back was to the wall. That inspired the hockey-star immensely.

Sachin Tendulkar, Sardar Singh
Sardar Singh says Sachin Tendulkar helped him to face the tough time in life. Image Courtesy: Getty

“I would ask him [Sachin] how did you get back after scoring a zero? What was your mindset the next day? He explained that he would watch videos of the times when he scored very well to see what he did right, but that alone was not enough. He said one cannot go into the next match just like that—one has to prepare and visualise. No one can make you mentally strong. You have to work towards it yourself,” Sardar said.

The midfielder said failure is not managing to win gold at the Asian Games impacted him. He said he didn’t want to go through the pressure of waiting in the cold while his selection is not apparent.

“The plan was to play till Tokyo 2020, but the mood changed post the loss to Malaysia in the semifinals of the Asian Games. I spoke to my family and coach Harendra Singh. I am very strong, have faced many things in my career, but I was getting affected by the pressure. To keep thinking at night what’s going to happen tomorrow… those things affect performance.” the legend of the game said.

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