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Sardar Singh Virat Kohli
Indian Hockey player Sardar Singh during a practice session ahead of Asian Games 2018, in Bengaluru. Credit: PTI

The 32-year-old Sardar Singh Beats the Yo-Yo Score of Virat Kohli

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli’s obsession with fitness is no real secret. Counted as one of the fittest athletes in the game, Kohli has laid a benchmark for the rest of his team as far as fitness standards are concerned.

Meanwhile, BCCI has recently made the much-debated Yo-Yo Test mandatory for players. Recently Mohammed Shami flunked the test and missed the historic game against Afghanistan. On the other, Ambati Rayudu also failed only to be out of the ODI series against England.

The yo-yo test involves a player shuttling between two cones, 20 meters apart on the flat ground. The player starts on beep and needs to get to the cone at the other end before the second beep goes. He then turns back and returns to the starting cone before the third beep. That is one “shuttle.”

The 32-year-old Sardar Singh Beats the Yo-Yo Score of Virat Kohli 1

A player starts at speed level 5, which consists of one shuttle. The next speed level, which is 9, also includes of one shuttle. Speed level 11, the next step up, has two shuttles, while level 12 has three and level 13 four.

Sardar Singh leaves behind Virat Kohli

Sardar Singh, the 32-year veteran in the Indian hockey team, has numbers to prove that he is fitter than Kohli. His yo-yo test score is 21.4 which beats Virat Kohli’s score of 19.

While the minimum score set by the BCCI is 16.1, it is higher in England and Australia where the players can only qualify if they breach the score of 19.

There has been a lot of debates about the Yo-Yo test being made mandatory by BCCI. While many feel it can’t be the sole criteria for selection, while few feel it is necessary to keep the fitness level up.

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