Twitter Reactions From This Week’s Smackdown Live: July 3, 2018

Twitter Reactions From This Week’s Smackdown Live: July 3, 2018

Team Hell No kicked off this week’s Smackdown Live in an expected manner. Daniel Bryan and Kane were having entertaining conversations to the delight of the WWE Universe. But at some point, we felt that the promo segment went too long. Thankfully the Usos interrupted to set up the tag team title match in the main event.

The United States open challenge was not much great this week. We have already seen Hardy and The Miz hammering away each other on Smackdown. So it was nothing new to see them in a contest. Plus the efforts were average this time around from the two veteran talents. The US title match failed to make a great impact on the show.

The rivalry between The New Day and SAnitY has just begun with a pretty good segment on Smackdown. It’s good to see an NXT tag team getting the spotlight right away after appearing on the main roster. In general, they have to prove their talent for a longer time-span. But SAnitY might be able to establish themselves as a strong team in no time by being in a feud against the New Day.

Meanwhile, Rusev continued to pick up momentums on Smackdown Live. The creative team did a good thing by letting him beat down the champion. This will boost his confidence heading into the Extreme Rules PPV event where he is getting his first championship opportunity.

Asuka vs. Ellsworth was a fun contest as expected. Ellsworth getting a beatdown is always something entertaining. Asuka did that effectively throughout the match. But in the end, it’s Carmella who is still dominating the division.

The main event was a solid one between Hell No and The Usos. These are four veterans in the WWE. So we can’t expect a lackluster match from them. They were able to bring a good ending to the show that had a slow opening. Overall, it was not a bad episode of Smackdown. Check out the Twitter reactions from it,