Video: Cody Rhodes Destroys Triple H’s throne sending message to WWE

Video: Cody Rhodes Destroys Triple H’s Throne Sending A Message To WWE

Cody Rhodes
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The pro-wrestling industry is looking forward to a change via All Elite Wrestling. This promotion has arrived on the map declaring war with WWE. Last night they came up with the first PPV show named Double or Nothing that took place in Las Vegas. More than a dozen former WWE Superstars and legends appeared on the show. Plus, the EVP of the company Cody Rhodes sent a clear message to the WWE by destroying a signature Triple H throne.

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Cody Rhodes was up for the fight of his life against his own brother Goldust aka Dustin Rhodes. It was the first match of the night that stole the show. But the entrance that Cody had garnered attention from the pro-wrestling fans. While making the entrance, Cody Rhodes walked past through a throne that Triple H used in numerous Wrestlemania appearances.

Brandi Rhodes, Cody’s wife was standing on the ramp who handed over a sledgehammer that’s also a signature of Triple H. Cody Rhodes walked back to the entry spot and destroyed the chair with the sledgehammer as his wife cheered him on. It was a straight-up warning from AEW prospective that they are going to a direct war against WWE. Cody breaking the throne signified that he is coming to ruin the WWE Empire.

Triple H fired the first shot towards WWE during the Hall of Fame 2019 night. He indirectly mentioned AEW as a ‘pissant’ company that Vince McMahon my buy one day just like he bought WCW at one point. Now it was time for one of the head honchos, Cody Rhodes to return him the favor by taking a significant shot to the cerebral assassin of the WWE.

Actions spoke even louder for Cody Rhodes at Double or Nothing as he went to war to Goldust aka Dustin Rhodes. The two real-life brothers delivered the best match of the night that was a blooded affair. Cody left his brother face-first to the exposed turnbuckle that busted Goldy open. But the veteran still fought back until Cody picked up the three count after numerous knockouts. The two hugged it out after the match that ended the segment on an emotional note.