Brie Bella Confirmed Nikki Bella-John Cena Not Back In Relationship

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WWE News: Brie Bella Confirmed Nikki Bella-John Cena Not Back in Relationship 

WWE News: Brie Bella Confirmed Nikki Bella-John Cena Not Back in Relationship

John Cena and Nikki Bella continue to be the news headliners. Their relationship ended by the end of April 2018.

But it looks like they can’t get over each other for a moment. So the speculations remain whether they have got back together or not. The recent reports were positive about them.

Some of the sources claimed John Cena got back into the relationship with Nikki Bella in recent times. There are a couple of reasons behind this. The Cenation Leader has spoken on this topic on the Today Show. We heard him wanting to marry his former partner and have kids with him.

It was the main problem in their relationship. If Cena agreed to it earlier, then there should not be any barrier to get back together.

Proving the speculations together, TMZ Sports caught them spending times in Florida. They found these two in a single frame which might have confirmed the news.

But John Cena-Nikki Bella fans might have to think twice before rejoicing. The other half of the Bella Twins are not agreeing with it. She can’t believe these rumours. The younger Bella gave updates on her sister’s relationship. She confirmed that they are not back together.

Brie Bella recently talked to E Network on this issue during WWE’s For Your Consideration event. The host threw the inevitable question related to her sister. She confirmed that they are “still not back” and Nikki is, “still my roommate.”

The only good news is that they are working to find a way. also reported this on their franchise players of the brand. Brie added to that saying John Cena has let known his mind in recent times. But the elder Bella is yet to decide her priority in life.

A proper conclusion to the saga will happen only after Nikki takes her decision. They both should be happy with it. Here’s what Brie said in the interview, (courtesy,

“They really need time to think about their futures and what they want. It’s been really hard on them both. Obviously, John has really let everyone know what he wants, but Nikki still has to think about it. So, I feel like there will be a happy ending but I hope the happy ending is just them both happy. Whatever path that leads them.”

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