WWE News: Ronda Rousey Refuses To Lose Against Becky Lynch At Wrestlemania 35 1
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There’s no doubt that WWE has been able to set up one of the best main events in the history of Wrestlemania. This is the first time that the women superstars are on the marquee spotlight and they surely earned the respect of the audience during the buildup. So the curiosity remains an all-time high around this match.

Big finish planned for Wrestlemania main event

Smackdown women’s champion Charlotte Flair will challenge Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and Royal Rumble winner Becky Lynch in this match. Both RAW and Smackdown Women’s Championship will be on the line at Wrestlemania 35. It would be a triple threat match under the no-disqualification rule where ‘winner takes all.’

Many believed that WWE made this match to showcase Becky Lynch as next top star from the Women’s Division. She is already the most popular superstar combined from the men and women’s division. So it makes sense that she’d close the show by winning the two titles and giving a happy ending to the show.

However, the current champion could be a big factor while deciding the Wrestlemania main event finish. The original plan may not be on the card now that Ronda Rousey has denied to come up short against Becky Lynch. A source noted several alterations during the buildup that did not reach fruition at this point.

According to The Dirty Sheets, the first plan was to swerve the fans by keeping Ronda Rousey as the women’s champion after Wrestlemania. She could lose it in a rematch on Raw after Wrestlemania against Charlotte Flair to go into a hiatus. The situation changed a lot since then as Becky Lynch took the spot of Charlotte.

But the source interestingly confirmed that Ronda Rousey is not willing to lose the match against Becky Lynch. She agreed to do so against Charlotte Flair but not to Lynch, (courtesy wwfoldschool.com)

“As of this writing, Rousey hasn’t agreed to lose to Becky at WrestleMania 35 and this is where things get interesting.

Everyone knows that Rousey is bad at handling losses and backstage feeling in WWE is that tapping out to Becky is something that would be hard for her to agree to (regardless of the fact that WWE matches aren’t real).”

As seen in Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey’s previous Twitter conversation, the latter one vented out on a personal note. WWE did not approve that and it showed how much she has a bad taste against THE MAN. It could likely to play a big reason why WWE might stop her from becoming the champion at Wrestlemania 35.

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