Was The Adultery Alexa Bliss Segment On WWE Raw Justified?

WWE News: Was The Adultery Alexa Bliss Segment On WWE Raw Justified?

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We were all going ga-ga over how female superstars perhaps the best match of the year at WWE TLC. WWE also had a historic announcement this week, about crowning the first-ever women’s tag team champions. Sadly, it was on the same night where a disgraceful video aired that reminded us of treatments that women used to get over the last decade. To make things worse, it was none other than a former women’s champion to feature in this. Alexa Bliss was the concerned superstar whom WWE portrayed in a very nasty way. She had to cover up her chests as a crew ran into her dressing room and did not even bother to move in quick time.

Know about Alexa Bliss net worth

Of course, otherwise how WWE could garner millions of hits on Youtube courtesy of this. After all, this might be the sole reason behind airing the vignette on TV. Rumors say that one of WWE’s rival brand aired a lap dance video, the earlier week to win the internet. So this might be a counter move from WWE’s part who is desperate to give us something fresh.

Romantic angle scrapped for Alexa Bliss

So don’t tell me portraying Alexa Bliss in a bare-back was a part of that! Although, it was her dignity that she had not shown that much in comparison to that of Attitude Era female superstars. But it was enough to make the Alexa Bliss fanbase outrageous all over the world. They do have every right to do so.

After all, this woman is a five-time Women’s Champion and the 2018 Money in the Bank plus Elimination Chamber match winner. Nobody except her entered Wrestlemania on two consecutive occasions as reigning champions. She was the savior of Monday Night’s female roster when so-called veterans like Sasha Banks or Bayley failed to deliver.

Braun Strowman wanted to kiss Alexa Bliss

Now that Alexa Bliss is out of action due to an injury, WWE just can’t do whatever they want with her. Haters will say that Little Miss Bliss herself did not have problems in doing the segment. But who knows she was not forced, anyway? She has been missing in-ring competition since September and missing TV is extremely dangerous for a superstar’s career.

So the dignified lady might have done out of courtesy as WWE is making way for her on TV. Still, there should not be any excuse for cheap publicity like this. The company just can’t write anything disgusting not only for Alexa Bliss but for any of the female superstars out there. This would be taking 1000 steps back to the older age of pro-wrestling.

And when it comes to the expense of the greatest performer, there should be a protest. From mic skills to carry off matches, Alexa Bliss has been a trendsetter ever since stepping her foot into the main roster. She has done that without coming off any wrestling background that deserved kudos. Thankfully, lines were not crossed during the segment but it was horrible by all means. There should not be any repetition of this at any cost that jeopardizes the image of a multi-time champion.

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