IPL 10 : Dale steyn suggests on KKR Fielding

Dale steyn is definitely not being a part of this years IPL but that doesn’t leave him out of enjoying this extravaganza and an enticing matches! He has often ensured to make his presence felt through his constant updates on the social

MCC Approves Tethered Bails, Umpires Can Send-Off Players!

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in a latest significant development has amended series of laws which will see tethered bails as the game of cricket in the recent past had witnessed some freak injuries to wicketkeepers due to flying bails. The custodians


Top 5 wicket keepers of all time

Keeping wickets is one of toughest jobs in cricket as unlike other players on the field a wicket keeper has no time to relax. A Wicket-keeper has to alert all day during his job as there are 100% chances of the ball


Fastest centuries in ODI cricket

Scoring a century in a limited overs cricket is considered a very good achievement, but scoring the century fast taking very few deliveries will boost the not only the score of the team but also the morale while playing the rest of the