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Aalyah Mysterio
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Aalyah Mysterio Unsure About Her Status In WWE

By the end of 2020, WWE started an angle featuring Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy that was bound to garner attention for different reasons. Firstly, we haven’t seen a love saga on Smackdown TV for some time while this one was quite unique as the two love birds had an immense age gap. Also, Murphy was getting close to the legendary name Rey Mysterio’s daughter. But it ended without any proper culmination.

WWE often has the tendency to call it an end on a storyline whenever they feel like even if it’s premature. The angle between Aalya Mysterio and Murphy was something like which received a ton of focus near the end of the last year. But the couple simply vanished in December from TV just after they got together. By the looks of it, that was the end of the story.

Details On Aalyah Mysterio – Princess of WWE Legend Rey Mysterio

Aalyah Mysterio Unsure About Her Status In WWE 1

As observed in recent times, Murphy wasn’t happy about the way WWE has called the storyline off and as a result, he shared frustrated social media messages. He even blamed Aalyah Mysterio and the entire Mysterio family in one deleted post for using him. This was later followed by a tweet where he challenged Aleister Black at WrestleMania.

Aalyah Mysterio Shares Stunning Bikini Photos From Vacation To Ring In 2021

Murphy is also frustrated about his angle with Aalyah Mysterio

Now, Ringside News noted on Murphy’s tweets affirming that he is legit frustrated about the issue of getting vanished from WWE. As for Aalyah Mysterio, she is still on standby who doesn’t have the information of whether her WWE career is over or not. Here’s more from what Steve Carrier of the source noted on Twitter,

“Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy’s storyline was dropped out of nowhere. We’ve asked around about this and have confirmed that Murphy is very frustrated and Aalyah also “still doesn’t know if she’s finished with WWE or if she will be used.”

Aalyah Mysterio Unsure About Her Status In WWE 2

As reported back in October of last year, Aalyah Mysterio wasn’t signed in a full-time WWE contract, ever. Vince McMahon did love the work that Rey’s daughter put up but the full-time deal had to wait as she had to finish her school, first.

Thus, she continued making a per-appearance deal for the time being and that was stopped when WWE didn’t have anything creative to offer to her. Only time will tell whether the 19-year-old girl would be needed on TV in the future.

Alexa Bliss
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WWE Star Alexa Bliss Reveals Ex-Boyfriend Murphy’s Reactions On Workout Videos

Alexa Bliss is currently portraying an evil character on TV who is captivated by The Fiend Bray Wyatt for months now. We haven’t seen that Goddess persona of her or any involvements in her singles career during this entire timespan. But on a personal level, she is very much happy with her fiancée, Ryan Cabrera. It appears she does also have contact with ex-flame, WWE Smackdown superstar, Murphy.

WWE RAW Superstar Alexa Bliss recently took to Twitter to reveal that Murphy, her ex-boyfriend, sends her a text message every time she shares a workout picture on social media, “Every time I post a pic of working out or equipment, I immediately get texts from @wwe_murphy asking if I’m really working out or if it’s just for the pic… not gonna lie, it’s about 50/50 … depending on the day… it’s about envisioning people!”

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WWE Star Alexa Bliss Reveals Ex-Boyfriend Murphy’s Reactions On Workout Videos 18

As you can see, Murphy knows a thing or two about the former Women’s Champion in the WWE who must be a bit hesitant about working out. She accepted the fact in a very sporting manner. Plus, the response also shows how the two are still on good terms despite the fact that they have broken up, a few years ago.

Alexa Bliss is on good terms with Murphy

In the recent past, Alexa Bliss extended her support towards Murphy when the WWE Universe was blasting the romantic storyline he was having with Aalyah Mysterio on WWE SmackDown. A major fan backlash started since WWE paired them up in spite of their 14-year age gap. But WWE’s Little Miss Bliss was very happy over the fact that Murphy was getting the spotlight after working hard for so many years.

“Do I Know her or her age? No. Was I trying to be supportive of Murphy? Yes. Back off and calm down ppl. Just happy Murphy is getting the success he’s worked for. That’s all. Be bothered by something else.”

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WWE Star Alexa Bliss Reveals Ex-Boyfriend Murphy’s Reactions On Workout Videos 19

Unfortunately, though babyface push of Murphy came to a sudden end as early as his rival Seth Rollins went into a hiatus in late 2020. While Alexa Bliss will be in the corner of “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt in a match against Randy Orton on Night 2 of next weekend’s WrestleMania 37, Murphy is yet to be booked in a match at the Show of Shows.

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WWE Smackdown Results (05/03/21): Steel Cage Match; Murphy Returns; Belair vs Baszler

This week’s SmackDown aired with a Steel Cage main event match on the card to set up a potential title match for Fastlane 2021 PPV. Also the Women’s Royal Rumble match winner Bianca Belair was slated to compete in a one-on-one contest against Shayna Baszler when the show aired from the Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay, Florida. Check out the results,

Daniel Bryan was out to open things on SmackDown as he was giving an interview to Michael Cole. He talked about seizing the opportunity through the steel cage match where he secures a title match at FastLane against Roman Reigns and perhaps ruins the dream match of Edge vs Reigns at WrestleMania.

WWE Smackdown Results (05/03/21): Steel Cage Match; Murphy Returns; Belair vs Baszler 35

Roman Reigns was out in the ring with Paul Heyman and Jey Uso by his side. He went on a rant saying how Bryan needs him for relevancy before Uso took the mic. He promised to pick up a victory against Bryan inside the cage before taking a shot at him with the mic. Bryan backfired and put him out of the ring to end the segment.

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WWE Smackdown Results (05/03/21): Steel Cage Match; Murphy Returns; Belair vs Baszler 36

Montez Ford of the Street Profits vs King Corbin was the opening match of SmackDown where Angelo Dawkins and Sami Zayn were standing at ringside. Sami and Dawkins’ ringside trades provided a distraction to Ford who was in control helping Corbin to hit the End of Days for the win.

After the match, Angelo Dawkins challenged Sami Zayn to a singles contest. Sami hit an Exploder Suplex on Dawkins after which Ford started talking to one of Sami’s crew members and started throwing water on the camera. Dawkins rolled up Sami using this distraction for the win. An irate Sami attacked the crew members after the match.

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WWE Smackdown Results (05/03/21): Domini Mysterio in action

Dominik Mysterio competed in the next match of SmackDown against Chad Gable who hit a Tiger Suplex but Dom blocked a German Suplex. The two then tried with different counters and pinfall attempts until Dominik rolled up Gable for the win. Otis tried to attack Dominik after the match but Rey Mysterio made the save. Rey hit a senton on Otis to keep him down, on the floor.

Bianca Belair vs Shayna Baszler was the next match on SmackDown where Sasha Banks and Nia Jax were presented at ringside. At one point, Carmella’s sommelier Reginald came out and Jax charged at him. Accidentally, she hit Banks outside the ring. Beliar countered a Kirifuda Clutch and hit Baszler with the KOD for the win. After the match, Banks smacked Reginald before making the exit.

WWE Smackdown Results (05/03/21): Steel Cage Match; Murphy Returns; Belair vs Baszler 37

Murphy was back on SmackDown as he competed in a match against Cesaro while Seth Rollins was standing at the ringside. Cesaro connected with some uppercuts before catching him with the Cesaro Swing. He then made Murphy submitted with the Sharpshooter.

WWE Smackdown Results (05/03/21): Steel Cage Match; Murphy Returns; Belair vs Baszler 38

Apollo Crews appeared in the ring in his royal attire who cut a promo about the newly found attitude. He also informed that Intercontinental Champion Big E will be back next week on SmackDown to continue the feud.

Several backstage segments were shown where Natalya and Tamina Snuka complained about Banks and Belair getting a Women’s Tag Team Title shot at Fastlane. Bayley also featured in a segment bashing the fans over their social media activities.

WWE Smackdown Results (05/03/21): Steel Cage Match; Murphy Returns; Belair vs Baszler 39

Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso inside the steel cage was this week’s SmackDown main event match where Uso sent Bryan into the cage structure before trying to escape the ring. Bryan stopped him and hit the Butterfly Suplex as he successfully applied the YES Lock to make Uso tap out. Bryan celebrated this win to end the show as he will now face Roman Reigns at Fastlane for the Universal Title.

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Update On Murphy-Aalyah Mysterio Angle On WWE Smackdown

WWE suddenly stopped the romantic angle on Smackdown between Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio. As seen during the fall of 2020, the two of them have regularly featured on the blue brand after getting drafted there in October. The two eventually sealed their relationship [kayfabe] with a kiss in the middle of the ring. As it seemed their fairytale will grow stronger, eventually, WWE suddenly halted it from December onwards.

An update regarding The Disciple has been received, recently. Ringside News has learned that he has still been attending SmackDown, regularly. But he hasn’t been used with a lack of planning. There is also no talking about how he will be used on TV. Perhaps, Aalyah who is spending time with her real-life boyfriend is also absent from the TV tapings.

Details On Aalyah Mysterio – Princess of WWE Legend Rey Mysterio

Update On Murphy-Aalyah Mysterio Angle On WWE Smackdown 50

Additionally, Steve Cutler’s release nixed a much larger angle on the SmackDown brand. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE’s plan was for a six-man feud between Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio, and Murphy vs King Corbin and his Knights of the Lone Wolf (Cutler and Blake).

Steve Cutler’s release affected Murphy’s return

As Cutler was fired, the writers had to scrap that entire angle. As a result, we couldn’t trace the former disciple of The Messiah on TV.

“[Cutler is] out, he’s now a free agent. [Murphy] isn’t being used because there is no spot for him. They booked him into this thing with Aalyah and now they haven’t been able to get out of it. It was gonna be Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio, and Murphy against Corbin, Wesley Blake, and Steve Cutler. Well, you take Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler out then there’s no place for Murphy unless you wanna make these Dominik Mysterio matches 3 on 1 instead of 2 on 1. So, they decided to go with the 2 on 1 so, Buddy Murphy don’t got a spot.”

Update On Murphy-Aalyah Mysterio Angle On WWE Smackdown 51

More updates from Fightful Select stated that Murphy was slated as a Royal Rumble alternate but he wasn’t brought into the match. Cedric Alexander was also a Rumble alternate, but he wasn’t used either. The good thing is that Seth Rollins is coming back on TV, tonight on FOX. WWE hasn’t used Murphy since Rollins’ hiatus started. With the top superstars coming back on Friday nights, it’ll be interesting to see whether WWE brings the 31-year-old star back, too.

Aalyah Mysterio
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Details On Aalyah Mysterio – Princess of WWE Legend Rey Mysterio

Aalyah Mysterio the latest WWE sensation is the daughter of legendary professional wrestler Rey Mysterio. She has made quite the name as a social media influencer since after arriving on WWE TV from 2020 onwards.

While WWE has already involved her in a storyline angle to portray an on-screen version of her, there’s more to know about her life. Here in this article, we will focus on the life and career details of Rey’s princess.

Born on August 20, 2001, Aalyah Gutierrez is the real name of Aalyah Mysterio who was raised by her father Rey and mother Angie Mysterio. Originally helmed from Mexican culture, she spent most of the time of her life in San Diego, California alongside elder brother Dominik Gutierrez who is four years older than her. (born April 5, 1997)

For most of her early life, Aalyah Mysterio spent times away from public but things changed during the 2020 summer. The rivalry between Seth Rollins and Murphy and Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio reached new heights.

Aalyah Mysterio And Murphy: WWE Had Wedding Plans For The Couple

Details On Aalyah Mysterio – Princess of WWE Legend Rey Mysterio 67

In July of last year, Seth Rollins defeated Rey Mysterio in an Eye for an Eye match at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view where the finish to the match saw Rollins thrashing his rival’s eye against the corner of the steel steps, causing one eyeball to pop out. Then Rollins defeated Dominik at Summerslam 2020 in the latter’s in-ring debut.

On the September 7, 2020, episode of WWE RAW when The Mysterio family (Rey, Angie, Dominik, and Aalyah Mysterio) sought retribution as they struck Murphy with 86 kendo stick shots by the end of the show. According to Google trends, there was a 2,000 percent worldwide increase in searches for Rey Mysterio’s daughter once she appeared on TV. WWE made things more interesting as they involved the woman of the hour with a romantic angle with Murphy, afterward.

Early Life Details Of Aalyah Mysterio

As mentioned above, Aalyah Mysterio is just a 19-year-old who is yet to finish college and studies, fully. This is the reason that WWE was unable to sign her in a full-time contract. Dominik, on the other hand, will become 24 in upcoming April. He is continuing his father’s WWE legacy by pursuing professional wrestling as a career. Dominik previously played high school varsity football at Horizon Christian Academy, which Aalyah also attended.

There are not many details available on Aalyah’s schooling life. After a brief stint in track and field while in middle school, she graduated from high school in 2019 with her family in attendance. During the graduation ceremony, one of her photos with mask-less Rey Mysterio went pretty viral. The wrestler was very proud of his daughter’s achievements as he posted the photograph himself on social media. He did something similar when Aalyah earned her pointes in ballet.

The Master of 619 has tattoos of his children’s names on his right and left biceps, tattoos dedicated to his wife, Angie, and a tattoo with the initials EG for his best friend and fellow wrestler, Eddie Guerrero, who passed away in 2005. Back in 2007, Rey talked to WWE’s website about some of his tattoos, including the tributes to Dominik and Aalyah Mysterio on his biceps.

“I’ve got a Kanji symbol on my shoulder; it’s for my son and means ‘strength and power’. I have my son and daughter’s names, Dominik and Aalyah, written on the inside of the left and right biceps, too.”

Due to Rey’s pronunciation, often Aalyah is referred to as ‘Aaliyah’ while that spelling is incorrect, as per her billed name by WWE and all the other social media sites. Speaking of this, we need to mention that Aalyah Mysterio has more followers than many of the current roster members of the WWE.

With only 99 posts on Instagram, she has managed to have more than 397k followers. His father is obviously one of the most followed wrestlers on Instagram who has a verified account with 3.6 million followers.

As for her dating life, Aalyah Mysterio dated AJ Hernandez for a few years in the past before moving on to Joshua Mathews. The two are already engaged to be married in the future. Rey’s daughter keeps on posting photos and videos with her current boyfriend mentioning how he is the love of her life. They’ve spent their vacation in Cobo Beach, California during the 2020 year-end while on TV, she was still paired opposite Murphy to make things awkward.

WWE Star Aalyah Mysterio Posts Bikini Photos From Cobo Vacation

Details On Aalyah Mysterio – Princess of WWE Legend Rey Mysterio 68

The love story began in an interesting way where the Mysterio family was all over Murphy. Only, Aalyah Mysterio showed sympathy to poor Murphy. Rey, at first was obviously not happy with her daughter’s behavior but then in an episode of Smackdown, Aalyah opted to kiss Murphy with her father and brother watching from the ramp. A couple of weeks later, Murphy defeated The Messiah Seth Rollins in a singles contest after which Rey gave his blessing to the couple.

Aalyah Mysterio loved the way she debuted in WWE who was found saying, “Oh man, It was good, it definitely felt really good getting back for Dom because watching at home and just feeling like, ‘Oh, I can’t do anything about it you know’, and it was like, going today and being able to be in the ring was like, hitting him with those kendo sticks was like awesome. I loved it.”

In reality, though, it wasn’t the very first appearance of Aalyah Mysterio on WWE TV. She made an appearance on Smackdown back in 2010. Aalyah waited backstage with WWE Diva Tiffany while Rey Mysterio gave her an action figure and told her to watch his match on TV.

Later, she made an in-ring appearance alongside the rest of the Mysterio family on the March 12, 2010 episode of SmackDown. Rey was celebrating a kayfabe birthday to her daughter on that night but the festive mood was ruined by his Wrestlemania 27 opponent, CM Punk.

Aalyah Mysterio is a Roman Catholic following the footsteps of her father. While Rey’s net worth is estimated to be around $8.5 million, her daughter is said to have made $550,000-$1 million, mainly from her part-time WWE contract and social media. For now, she is absent from WWE Smackdown alongside Murphy. But with Seth Rollins’ Royal Rumble come back, perhaps, her return is inching closer.

Aalyah Mysterio
courtesy Instagram

WWE’s Aalyah Mysterio Shares Stunning Bikini Photos From Vacation To Ring In 2021

Aalyah Mysterio as well his father or any member of his family hasn’t been seen on SmackDown for the past several weeks as their storyline with Seth Rollins is to a halt in the absence of the latter one. Additionally, the Holiday season has just been over across the United States and everywhere else in the world meaning the Mysterio family was in vacation mode, as well.

WWE's Aalyah Mysterio Shares Stunning Bikini Photos From Vacation To Ring In 2021 84

WWE Superstars received a week off during the Holidays and they celebrated the occasion as much as possible. Not being a full-time superstar in WWE, Aalyah Mysterio definitely received an extended hiatus and she spent the same in a spot filled with scenic beauty. Going by her Instagram account, she was staying at Cobo in California.

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WWE's Aalyah Mysterio Shares Stunning Bikini Photos From Vacation To Ring In 2021 85

Aalyah Mysterio Shares Stunning Bikini Photos From Vacation To Ring In 2021

WWE's Aalyah Mysterio Shares Stunning Bikini Photos From Vacation To Ring In 2021 86

She posted a few pictures of herself with her boyfriend Joshua Thomas as well as a couple of bikini pictures of herself to raise the temperature. Aalyah Mysterio isn’t a teenager anymore and rather grown up to be a super gorgeous lady, for sure. Her Insta profile is filled with such scorching pictures, all the way.

Aalyah Mysterio-Murphy Kiss: How WWE Legend Rey Mysterio Feels About It?

Some people must be curious after learning that Aalyah Mysterio is spending time with Joshua instead of Murphy. It’s to be noted that Murphy only plays the role of her lover on TV while they’re not together in real life, at all. Rather, the way she is pulling off her on-screen persona earned a lot of praise from the backstage officials.

WWE's Aalyah Mysterio Shares Stunning Bikini Photos From Vacation To Ring In 2021 87

WWE's Aalyah Mysterio Shares Stunning Bikini Photos From Vacation To Ring In 2021 88

Rey Mysterio brought his children with him during his current run with WWE. His son Dominik Mysterio is meant to a bona fide wrestler while her daughter is not. Wrestling News previously reported that Aalyah Mysterio has received major praise for her work with Murphy during the SmackDown angle,

“Think about this. She hasn’t trained at the PC and she has no prior acting experience. We knew Dominik had the potential to be great but I think Vince got caught by surprise because he was not expecting to see potential out of both of Rey’s kids.”

WWE's Aalyah Mysterio Shares Stunning Bikini Photos From Vacation To Ring In 2021 89

WWE's Aalyah Mysterio Shares Stunning Bikini Photos From Vacation To Ring In 2021 90

Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy were also reportedly planned to get involved in a wedding angle which was pulled out of TV for some reason. We have to wait and see whether WWE re-injects the same to TV after their main adversary Seth Rollins comes back on TV.

courtesy WWE

WWE Smackdown Results (04/12/20): Roman Reigns; Murphy vs Corbin

Last night’s SmackDown was all about TLC buildups where the Universal Champion Roman Reigns responded to Kevin Owens who was hell-bent to get his hands on him. Also, the rematch between King Corbin and Murphy was set for the show which was the final SmackDown at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, for now. Check out the results,

A tribute to the late great Pat Patterson opened SmackDown on FOX as the entire roster gathered on the stage including WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon, Hall of Famer, and Patterson’s friend Gerald Brisco. A Thank You Pat chant led to the main show.

WWE Smackdown Results (04/12/20): Roman Reigns; Murphy vs Corbin

WWE Smackdown Results (04/12/20): Roman Reigns; Murphy vs Corbin 106

Roman Reigns came down to the ring with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman to be interviewed by Kayla Braxton. Instead of answering the intimidating questions, he decided to embarrass Kayla that led Kevin Owens to come out and suggest a TLC fight between them. Reigns decide to walk out of the ring without saying anything.

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WWE Smackdown Results (04/12/20): Roman Reigns; Murphy vs Corbin 107

Bayley vs Natalya was the opening contest of SmackDown where the latter one tried to lock in the Sharpshooter but Bayley connected with a running knee to the face and then a running clothesline. But she missed a big kick in the corner allowing Natalya to lock in the Sharpshooter for the submission win.

Seth Rollins
courtesy WWE

Seth Rollins: How WWE Is Filling Up The Messiah’s Absence From Smackdown

Seth Rollins went into a hiatus from WWE programming so that he can be with fiancée Becky Lynch who is expecting their first child, together. The top superstar of the WWE won’t be in service on SmackDown for some weeks and WWE has to find out a name that could fill in the top heel’s spot. It seems like they have already placed King Corbin in that place starting from last week.

He competed in a match against Murphy to come up short. Some fans don’t like seeing Corbin in competition but with a natural heel persona, he could fit into that role, pretty well.

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Seth Rollins: How WWE Is Filling Up The Messiah’s Absence From Smackdown

Seth Rollins: How WWE Is Filling Up The Messiah’s Absence From Smackdown 120

Ringside News has learned that King Corbin is filling the shoes left by Seth Rollins as someone has to feud with Murphy for the time being. There’s no long-term thought put into this program as the creative direction during The Messiah’s absence hiatus wasn’t planned.

A tenured member of the creative team with knowledge of the situation told the source that “it’s not looked at that way” when we asked if Corbin is “filling in” for Seth Rollins. It was briefed as “just a new program” and everything is “day-to-day” at this point. It seems Corbin won’t go into a long-term program with Murphy and the Mysterio family, at all.

Update On Seth Rollins Taking Time-Off From WWE

King Corbin was quickly put into TV after Seth Rollins was written off WWE programming at Survivor Series with a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. He will now battle Murphy again next week in a rematch in a neutralized environment, as per his claims. At least, that match has been booked on the show but no follow-up plan was noted after that.

Seth Rollins: How WWE Is Filling Up The Messiah’s Absence From Smackdown 121

So it won’t just be right to think the heel spotlight that Seth Rollins was getting will be captured by King Corbin, too. He was originally set to have a match against Otis, but Jey Uso took Otis out with some chair shots before the match began. Things escalated backstage Corbin and Murphy having a confrontation which began the feud.

This is just a time-consuming effort for WWE creative to fill up the void left by Seth Rollins, for the time being. He won’t be out for a long time who is expected to be back in December or January 2021 in time for Royal Rumble. The Mysterios acted a bit of heel-ish so that Murphy could get the win over Corbin. But it’s not a heel-turn as McMahon thinks babyfaces can also cheat as long as it’s against an established heel like Corbin.

WWE Smackdown
courtesy WWE

WWE Smackdown Preview (27/11/20): Survivor Series 2020 Fallouts

Survivor Series 2020 fallouts will be the key things for SmackDown, this week which should help to begin buildups for the final PPV of the year that is TLC. We can assume that Roman Reigns will get a new opponent for his title while the Women’s Champion Sasha Banks already has someone to address. The IC-title holder isn’t happy with the bygone PPV experience and he’s likely to be going for complaints when the show airs from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

WWE Smackdown Preview (27/11/20): Survivor Series 2020 Fallouts

Roman Reigns established himself as the true kingpin of the WWE after defeating Drew McIntyre in the non-title Champion vs Champion match at Survivor Series. It was a battle between the two top stars in today’s WWE where Jey Uso’s interferences helped him to pick up the win. Now he’d look forward to defending his title which wasn’t put in the line since October.

Thanksgiving 2020: New WWE Couple Disclosed; Stars Share Thankful Messages

Speaking of his potential challengers on SmackDown, Daniel Bryan is standing in the front of the line. He was ambushed by Jey as per Reigns’ instructions, a few weeks ago. But now he is back and already defeated Jey in the presence of the Universal Champion. Rumors also suggest that Reigns vs Bryan could be pushed back to Royal Rumble 2021. If that is the case then someone like Kevin Owens can step up to the champion.

Charlotte Flair vs Asuka Planned For WWE TLC 2020?

WWE Smackdown Preview (27/11/20): Survivor Series 2020 Fallouts 137

The SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks was victorious in the battle against Raw Women’s Champion Asuka at Survivor Series. But she’s not likely to have enough time to take a breather as Carmella has been targeting her for quite a while. For three weeks, Mella attacked her from behind and it is time for Banks to give back an answer. This could eventually set up a title match between the two.

The Survivor Series contest between Sami Zayn vs Bobby Lashley was supposed to be a one-sided contest in favor of the latter one which wasn’t the case. Zayn put up solid resistance but the Hurt Business members made the difference in the match outcome. So the loss was unacceptable for the Intercontinental Champion who might not back down without getting his justice.

WWE Smackdown Preview (27/11/20): Survivor Series 2020 Fallouts 138

Murphy defeated Seth Rollins on last week’s SmackDown that perhaps put the latter to a hiatus, for now. It must be a happy time for him and all the Mysterio family who’s gathered in the ring after Murphy’s biggest win of his career. With The Messiah no more around, what could be next for the disciple? We’ll find out when Friday’s hottest show airs, live from the ThunderDome.

courtesy WWE

WWE Smackdown Results (20/11/20): Seth Rollins vs Murphy; Survivor Series

The go-home episode of SmackDown for Survivor Series 2020 aired on FOX bringing all the hypes together for the PPV. The last few participants for Team Blue Men’s and Women’s Division were disclosed while Seth Rollins battled Murphy in a personal grudge match. Here are the results from the show that aired from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

WWE Smackdown Results (20/11/20): Survivor Series Go-Home Show

WWE Smackdown Results (20/11/20): Seth Rollins vs Murphy; Survivor Series 149

The New Day opened SmackDown trying to hype things up for The Final Farewell of The Undertaker at Survivor Series only to be interrupted by Sami Zayn, Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler, and King Baron Corbin. The heels attacked the Raw tag champs but the Street Profits ran down to make the save. This also led to the opening match of the night.

The Street Profits and The New Day vs. Sami Zayn, King Baron Corbin, Robert Roode, and Dolph Ziggler was the lineup of the match. Kofi dominated Roode for some time before tagging Dawkins who hit with a Spinebuster. Roode somehow tagged in Sami into the match who also ate a Spinebuster. Ford tagged in and hit the Cash Out for the win.

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