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Top three contenders for BCCI president post
Top three contenders for BCCI president post

Top three contenders for BCCI president post

BCCI president and ICC chairman Shashank Manohar’s decision to vacate country’s one of the most lucrative sporting governing bodies’ top most position opened the pandora box as a new tussle among the BCCI mandarins and their members already started for the post.

The Nagpur lawyer Manohar took over the presidency in 2015 when Supreme Court grilled former president N Srinivasan for conflict of interest issue. According to news reports by several media three names have emerged in the race to replace Manohar.

Manohar is in line to become ICC’s first ever independent chairman in May and could hold the position till 2021.

“In the present scenario, he (Shashank Manohar) knows he can’t do much in the BCCI with the way the Supreme Court is viewing things,” said a source close to the development.

“The ICC post gives him a stable five-year window and an opportunity to make history as possibly the administrator who brought all countries (member boards of the ICC) together, and struck off the so-called monopoly of the Big Three. Look how the West Indies and Pakistan boards have already started praising him for what he’s done,” the source further added

Manohar has great future in ICC and he may get votes from boards like Pakistan, West Indies, South Africa and Zimbabwe. He also promised to work for cricket’s development in non-cricket playing countries.

Manohar promised to reform the board bu denied to accept Supreme Court recommendations that brought criticism from the apex court of the country.

Ajay Shirke, Rajeev Shukla, and current joint secretary Anurag Thakur are now the favorites to occupy the hot seat of Indian cricket.

Nevertheless, BJP will try to play their cards here too. So Congress RS MP Shukla, who is the IPL commissioner, close to BJP’s go to man Arun Jaitley, the current finance minister of India. Shukla though he is a Congress MP he is known for his networking.

On the other hand, Anurag Thakur is a close confidant of BJP president Amit Shah who is also close to Indian Minister Narendra Modi. Because of Amit Shah Thakur has become the young BJP  members’ face. So Thakur will have an edge to hold the post. But Shukla who can solve any issue with his networking is a big contender for his ability to resolve any controversy with his networking power.

Besides these two names Mumbai Cricket Association president and former BCCI treasurer also on the line as he would like to use the local network and members of the westerns India’s cricket boards’.

However, at the end, it is expected that  the cold war will be between the camp of Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley’s.


IPL ratings back on track – Rajiv Shukla

Since late January, there has definitely been an overdose of T20 cricket. First, India took on Australia in a 3 match series, which was followed by a 3 match series at home against Sri Lanka. Soon the Asia Cup commenced only to be followed by the ICC World T20. Thus, it was believed that the IPL would get off to a slow start in terms of ratings. With almost a month into the league, the tournament has started to pick up the rating points. IPL Governing Council member Rajiv Shukla seconded that in his latest interview. Below, are the excerpts from his interview.


Do you think that the fans are tired of watching too much of T20 cricket this year? And do you agree that the domestic itinerary should be planned better?


It’s true that some of the World T20 venues had an overdose of matches and that is why we did not get full houses in the initial one or two weeks. There was some fatigue but the third and fourth weeks have been better – the IPL fever is rising. The fans are coming in large numbers to watch the game.


There’s a talk to shift IPL in the future outside India. How practical is this step?


We had to shift the event outside India twice in the past due to the Lok Sabha elections – to South Africa and Abu Dhabi. Technically, IPL should be played in India only. But due to so many PILs in the court, managing the event isn’t easy these days.


What are the plans for the players’ retention policy?


2017 is supposed to be the mega IPL auction, where all the big players will be up for the grabs. That is the logical conclusion. The two suspended teams from Chennai and Rajasthan are also expected to be back in the thick of things. In order to maintain a balance, an open auction is the best way forward. If some teams are interested in retaining a few of their stars, it would be discussed in the GC meet. We are aware that Chennai and Rajasthan would be interested in bringing back their old players. Therefore, the GC members are open to discussing this issue at length.

Rajiv Shukla

IPL 2016: Spectators get a new role

On Wednesday, IPL (Indian Premier League) chairman Rajiv Shukla gave a big news to the IPL fans which is great for them. In the ninth edition of the popular Indian T20 league, IPL spectators can get involved during the third umpire’s decision.

The spectators can give their views on decisions referred to the third umpire.

Shukla told reporters at a function in Mumbai, “They (Spectators) will be given a placard, and whatever they say, out or not out, that will be caught by the camera and shown on the screen….but the decision of the third umpire will be final.”

He added further, “This opinion will not matter to the third umpire, he will go as per whatever he sees on the (TV) screen. This will increase the involvement of the viewers.”

The IPL 2016 is the ninth edition of IPL which will start from 9th April and will run until 29th May. The opening ceremony of IPL 2016 will be held on 8th April at Worli, Mumbai.

Shukla said about the opening ceremony, “Bollywood stars Ranveer Singh, Katrina Kaif, and the singer Yo Yo Honey Singh, among others, would be performing in the IPL opening ceremony on April 8 at Worli in Mumbai.”

Shukla also spoke out about the anti-corruption measures. He said, “To strengthen (anti-corruption measures) BCCI President has spoken to Maharashtra Chief Minister to ask if the services of Mumbai police can be availed of; then the anti-corruption unit, ICC anti-corruption unit, Mumbai police can together seek information and act on it.”

When Shukla was asked if too much cricket was being played in the recent times, he replied that the season will culminate with IPL.