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WWE Smackdown Live Full Results: November 6, 2018

Survivor Series build-up has started on WWE Raw that continued on Smackdown. The authority figures addressed the roster to make some important decisions on the show. Plus, Shane McMahon also talked about the world cup tournament controversy. Here are the full results from the show hosted at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

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Paige welcomed everyone to Smackdown Live before introducing Shane McMahon. Crown loudly booed his world cup win as he accepted that the cup belonged to everyone from the locker room. Then he announced that Daniel Bryan would be the team captain from Team Blue at Survivor Series. The Miz had complaints about this as he interrupted, quickly. So Shane had to make both Miz and Bryan as the co-captains for Team Smackdown.

The New Day and The Usos competed in a tag team match. The winner of the match would have become the team captain for Smackdown tag team Survivor Series captain. Jimmy tried to distract Kofi inside the ring as Big E took him out. E also hit a Suicidal Dive on Jey Uso. Kofi hit an Enziguiri on Jey. But Jimmy hit a powerbomb on Kofi before landing a frog splash on him to get the win. After the match, the two teams hugged it out to stay strong for Survivor Series.

Becky Lynch cut another promo on Ronda Rousey. She said how Ronda is someone whom WWE handed over everything unlike her who had to earn it. The Smackdown women’s champion then issued an open challenge to the women’s roster as Nikki Cross came out. Nikki started the match in quick-fire away but Becky sent her into the barricade to take control. Nikki hit a running bulldog on the champion but she came back by locking in the dis-arm-her to pick up the win via submission.

Rey Mysterio hit a Hurricurana to take control of the match. But Andrade came back with a big boot. The fight continued outside as both men hit hard the barricade. Rey fought back with a boot to Almas after dodging the double knees. Almas was finally able to connect with the double-knees on the rope but Rey countered with a 619 for the pinfall win. This earned him a spot at Smackdown men’s team at Survivor Series. After the match, Randy Orton hit him with an RKO.

Paige was out again to announce the Smackdown women’s division team. She introduced Carmella, Naomi, Sonya DeVille, Asuka, and Charlotte Flair as the five women. But Charlotte Flair did not come out. Rather Mandy Rose’s music hit and she came out with a mic in hand. She had a huge problem as to why Paige chose Sonya over her. Mandy continued to take negative comments on the team as Naomi attacked her. A brawl was about to go down until other members separated these two.

Shane McMahon is going to be the fourth team member for Smackdown Survivor Series team. Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy battle for the fifth spot in the main event. Hardy was able to hit the Swanton Bomb but Joe pulled up the knees to counter. He locked in the Coquina Clutch to get the win via submission. Daniel Bryan attacked Joe after the match. The Miz went to stop him but Bryan attacked him. Shane McMahon went to stop him but he unloaded on McMahon, too before leaving the ring.


WWE Crown Jewel PPV Results With Videos: November 2, 2018

WWE hosted another global PPV event named Crown Jewel from Saudi Arabia, last night. Multiple Championships were on the line on the show. We crowned a brand new Universal Champion as well as a ‘best in the world’ via the winner of world cup tournament. Also, multiple legends returned on the show. Here are the full results from Crown Jewel that took place at the King Saud University Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

United States Championship match
Shinsuke Nakamura(c) vs. Rusev

Rusev started the match in a quick note but Nakamura made a quick comeback. He hit a leg kick and an inverted DDT to take over. Nakamura hit a running knee but Rusev countered with an Accolade. Nakamura got out of it hitting a cheap shot. He hit another knee but Rusev came back with the Accolade, again. The champion gave him a low blow and followed up with the Kinshasa for the win.

The main show kicked off with the ring announcers introducing Hulk Hogan to the audience. The legend walked down the ramp to address the crowd who was raucous. It was his first appearance on WWE TV in three years. He declared himself to be the host of Crown Jewel for the rest of the night.

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WWE Crown Jewel PPV Preview, Match Card With Predictions

WWE is coming up with yet another PPV named Crown Jewel within a gap of just five days. This time around it will take place from the middle-east country of Saudi Arabia. Legends will be returning to perform on this show alongside a blockbuster in-ring return. Shawn Michaels coming back from retirement should be the highlight of the night. He has reformed the DX group alongside Triple H to take on against the Brothers of Destruction.

Spoilers from Crown Jewel main event

It’s certain that we will crown a new Universal Champion at Crown Jewel. Two of the superstars from WWE Raw will compete in this match for the vacant title. Also, the WWE and the United States Championship will be on the line, as well. The first-ever World Cup tournament will continue throughout the night to crown the very best of the world.

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All of these will go down on the WWE Network from 9.30 PM onwards as per IST. There will be a kick-off show at 8.30 PM where the US title match will take place. You sure do not want to miss such an anticipated night which Sony Ten 1 will broadcast, live, too. The actions will go down from the King Saud University Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Here are the match card with predictions,

United States Championship match
Shinsuke Nakamura(c) vs. Rusev

Prediction: This match has just landed on the match card of Crown Jewel with zero buildups. So it should be a filler match for the kick-off show. We do not assume any title change here as Shinsuke Nakamura will continue his dud championship reign on Smackdown.


WWE News: Plans Changed To World Cup Tournament At Crown Jewel

Crown Jewel match card has gone through a lot of changes. The absence of some marquee players on the show caused these alterations. Roman Reigns will not compete in the Universal Championship match after relinquishing the title. Hence, this is going to be a singles contest. Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar will compete for the vacated title.

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Daniel Bryan will not go to Saudi Arabia for the Jamal Khashoggi controversy. Hence AJ Styles will face Samoa Joe while defending the WWE Championship. John Cena is another name who denied to work in the Crown Jewel PPV. Hence, the World Cup tournament bracket also went through changes as confirmed on this week’s WWE Raw.

Bobby Lashley became his replacement in the upcoming tournament. However, this is not the only change that happened in this first-ever series at Crown Jewel. reported that the initial plans for the world cup tournament were something much different. Raw superstars were about to go against the Smackdown stars.

But later the officials kept it within their own brands. As disclosed on WWE Raw, superstars from the red brand will take on their own superstars and so will the Smackdown stars. This will set up the final match where we will see a brand vs. brand match at Crown Jewel. Miki Johnson of the source disclosed the reason behind doing so,

“The original plan was to kind of have the talents mixed up. In fact, at one point we were told that John Cena was going to wrestle Rey Mysterio in the first round and then the decision was made to keep the Raw and SmackDown talents segregated until the final because the final would also serve as sort of a preview of next month’s Survivor Series which will have a Raw vs SmackDown theme.”

We expect this world cup tournament will become a huge success at Crown Jewel. Meanwhile, the tickets for the event were on sale this past weekend. It was sold out within three hours. The Chairman of the General Sports Authority posted to Twitter reporting the same. This indicates excitement about the show in Saudi Arabia.

Women can also make history at Crown Jewel as we might get Renee Young on the commentary table. Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Saudi Arabia authority might have allowed her to call down the actions from ringside. So this will be the first time that someone female will do commentary in a wrestling show in the country. We will see if it becomes reality when the show goes on air.


Review & Twitter Reactions From This Week’s Smackdown Live: October 30, 2018

AJ Styles kicked off this week’s Smackdown Live with a surprising yet predicted manner. It was his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia where he continued the storyline angle with Daniel Bryan. The latter one was not willing to go to Saudi Arabia. Hence the creative team executed a brilliant idea to prepone the match on last night’s show, itself. Now that produced a dream match on Smackdown.

AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan is a fantasy booking that could sell out Wrestlemania-caliber events. It was a pleasure for the fans that they received this match on a weekly episode. The two of them pulled each other to the longest extent to bring out the absolute best out of them. No doubt the match turned out to be one of the greatest of all-time in the history of Smackdown Live.

Samoa Joe turned out to be the replacement of Daniel Bryan for Crown Jewel as he returned on the show. The match might sound repetitive to some of the fans. But then both AJ Styles and Samoa Joe are veterans in this industry. So they should pull off yet another successful match at the PPV event on this Friday night. It also confirmed that Samoa Joe is not dealing with an injury.

The street fight match was really fun to watch with a Halloween theme attached to it. The New Day is the best to entertain the fans and they picked up a solo win courtesy Big E to gain some momentums. Another such matchup was Nakamura vs. R-Truth. Although the champion retained, Truth is more than over with the crowd. He should win the US title for a one-off occasion. Nakamura’s title run has become more than dud for the last 100 days.

It is always good to see veterans teaming up for a tag team match. Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio are one of the dream teams that the fans want to witness. The officials made that possible to hype up the world cup tournament. They picked up the win as expected via their high-flying offenses. But it was a good decision to keep Randy Orton stand tall after delivering RKOs to all of them. He is the strongest guy at this point on Smackdown who should not lose any momentums.

Overall, it was a great episode of Smackdown in terms of the contest. We saw a lot of actions on the show which was worthy of a decent Crown Jewel buildup. Here are the Twitter reactions from this episode,


WWE News: Dream Tag Team Main Event Match Took Place On Smackdown

WWE will host a world cup tournament at the Crown Jewel PPV. This is the first time ever such a tournament will take place in WWE programming. The very best athletes will compete in it to declare who is the very best among them. Four superstars from WWE Raw and Smackdown will compete in it. We received the bracket of the series on WWE Raw.

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From Smackdown, the four superstars in this world cup tournament are Jeff Hardy, The Miz, Randy Orton, and Rey Mysterio. The latter mentioned two names had the momentums by their side as they have picked up some major wins. They were on a roll as of late with consecutive victories in the past couple of weeks. The other two names needed the same by their side.

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Shane McMahon fired themselves up on Smackdown Live as he wanted his brand to win the World Cup Tournament. To encourage them more, he appointed all of them into the main event of the show. Two of the prime babyface players teamed up to take us back into the Ruthless Aggression Era. Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio teamed up against The Miz and Randy Orton.

Jeff Hardy started the match against Randy Orton to take early control of the match. He went on to hit the Twist of Fate but The Miz stopped him from doing so. Hardy tried for his pendant move yet again but Orton pushed him away into the turnbuckle area. Jeff Hardy went for the Whisper in the Wind but got caught by The Miz. Orton continued stomping him to take the match over.

The Miz gave some cheap-shots on Jeff Hardy while the referee was not seeing. Randy Orton dominated the match by giving big elbows but failed to gain the pinfall. Jeff Hardy finally connected with the Whisper in the Wind and tagged to Rey Mysterio. Orton also tagged to The Miz to change the lineup.

Rey Mysterio hit The Miz with a DDT but digested a backbreaker. Miz went for the Skull Crushing Finale but Rey countered. Jeff leveled Orton with a Poetry in Motion. Rey Mysterio executed with the 619 successfully tagging back to Jeff Hardy. He hit the Swanton Bomb on The Miz to pick up the big win on Smackdown Live.

Randy Orton was unhappy with this outcome. So he gave back to back RKOs to Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy. He also downed The Miz with his signature move to stand tall while ending Smackdown. At this point, he is the favorite to win the world cup tournament at Crown Jewel.

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WWE News: Major Announcements From Smackdown On Survivor Series & Crown Jewel

The next stop for the WWE programming is going to be WWE Crown Jewel. This will be a global PPV event from Saudi Arabia on this Friday night. One of the major attractions of the night will be the WWE Championship match. The lineup changed as Samoa Joe replaced Daniel Bryan as the challenger. However, this was not the only major announcement from last night’s Smackdown.

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Going by the remarks of Smackdown commissioner Shane McMahon, he will fire someone within next week. He ordered that the world cup trophy should come home on his show. There will be four competitors from the blue brand at the world cup tournament. The lineup of the tournament is out following last night’s WWE Raw. It ensures that one of the superstars from Raw will go head to head against a Smackdown superstar in the finale.

As per Shane McMahon, the concerned Smackdown superstar must win his match in the final. If he remains unsuccessful to do so, he will not have a job on the blue brand, anymore. This ensures that one of the four names might get traded to Monday Night Raw following Crown Jewel.

The four names are Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, The Miz, and Randy Orton. The last name has major momentums, right now after downing all the other three superstars with RKOs. Even prior to that, he picked up some consecutive wins to pick up the momentums. It will be interesting to see he turns out to be the one to land on Monday Night Raw following Crown Jewel. But the announcement could be just a hype up for the World Cup tournament as well.

The Smackdown general manager also came up with a major announcement for Survivor Series, too. Paige chose Charlotte Flair as the team captain of Team Blue for the women’s division traditional tag team match. The Queen lost her championship match at Evolution against Becky Lynch to get out of the title picture, for now. So she could be the most valiant name to lead her team to victory.

But the surprising thing is that Charlotte Flair denied being the captain of Survivor Series from Smackdown Live. She might have let the devastating loss at Evolution to go into her heads, deep. Paige advised her to re-think about the decision which she took under consideration. We hope to get a final update on this scenario on next week’s episode of Smackdown.


WWE Smackdown Live Full Results: October 30, 2018

AJ Styles returned on his home-city on this week’s Smackdown Live. This was the final night before WWE Crown Jewel PPV. We received the final buildups for the show with a trick or street fight. The United States Championship was on the line. Also, the world cup tournament qualifiers tried to build final momentums. Here are the results from the show hosted by the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

AJ Styles opened the show with fans loudly chanting his name. He had a face-off segment with Daniel Bryan to declare that last week, he intentionally hit Bryan with the Pele Kick. Bryan became furious and could not wait for the due WWE title match. Shane McMahon came to the ring and announced that the Crown Jewel title match will happen right here in Atlanta.

Daniel Bryan received the championship opportunity on Smackdown’s opening contest. He started with some YES kicks but AJ put him away with a Dragon Screw. Bryan came back with an arm-bar converting into the YES lock. But AJ countered with Styles Clash and locked in the Calf Crusher. Bryan had no choice but to tap out giving AJ the win.

Samoa Joe attacked both of them after the match. He specifically targeted the WWE Champion and locked in the Coquina Clutch. AJ looked furious with this and demanded a match against Joe. Shane McMahon booked the match at Crown Jewel PPV event.

The New Day entered Smackdown dressed as the Brood aka Gangrel, Edge, and Christian. The Street Fight was next n the show where Big E was up against Cesaro. E started the match breaking Kenso Sticks on Cesaro. Sheamus interfered the match and dropped E with a big knee. But E came back into the match using the red mist on Cesaro’s eyes. He landed a Big Ending for the win.

Shinsuke Nakamura defended his US Championship against R-Truth. Her MMC partner Carmella was standing at the ringside and they asked for a dance break in between the match. He also mocked Nakamura’s gestures to make the champion angry. He gave e knee into his midsection of Truth followed by another one into the back. Thereafter, a Kinshasa helped her to retain the title on Smackdown.

Becky Lynch appeared on Smackdown Live to cut a promo on Survivor Series. She talked trash about Ronda Rousey and how she likes to rip off arms of people. But all her life she has beaten women like this. On November 18th, she will come up with her own arm-bar to dislocate the arm of Ronda Rousey. A short promo ended the segment.

Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio teamed up against The Miz and Randy Orton in the main event of Smackdown Live. Jeff went for the Swanton Bomb early but The Miz pushed him off. Rey entered the match and have a DDT to the Miz. He ducked a big boot and delivered a plash to him. He delivered the 619 on Miz tagging Jeff who connected with the Swanton for the win. Orton landed RKOs on everyone once the match was over.


WWE Smackdown Preview (30/10/18): Crown Jewel Hypes, US Championship, AJ-Bryan Face-off

WWE Evolution was a historic show on this past Sunday night. The women’s championship match from Smackdown stole the show and perhaps became the greatest of all-time. Going forward, the blue brand will look forward to the future i.e. Crown Jewel. This is the go-home show for the PPV meaning we’ll see the final hypes over it.

Plus, there will be fallouts from the Evolution show, as well. The WWE Championship feud will be the center of attention like always. Also, the storylines will go forward towards the world cup tournament. Plus, we will see a United States Championship match on the show. All of these should be in-store when Smackdown comes live from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

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WWE Championship returns to his home-city on this edition of Smackdown. There are reports on the internet claiming that his scheduled opponent at Crown Jewel might not compete on the show. In that case, we should receive a new challenger for him when the show goes on air. But the official website has announced a face-to-face segment between the two for tonight. This is a hint that these two will indeed perform at the Crown Jewel PPV keeping the championship match intact.

Becky Lynch shut up the doubters at Evolution by beating Charlotte Flair, fair and square. But it is time for her to go into a new rivalry over the Survivor Series PPV. We have already learned that she’d have to compete in a champion vs. champion match against Ronda Rousey. Tonight we will hear from the Irish Lass-kicker about her preparations before the biggest match of her career.

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Shinsuke Nakamura has not defended the United States Championship consistently during the title run. Tonight marks one of the rare occasions when he finally put it on the line. The General Manager of Smackdown Live has announced that Tye Dillinger is getting an opportunity as promised earlier. We will find out whether Perfect 10 can capitalize on this sudden opportunity.

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The Smackdown tag team championship will hang on the balance between The New Day and The Bar at Crown Jewel. These two teams will continue their rivalry on the show. The newly become champions are currently having the upper hand with Big Show by their side. The former champs will definitely try to shift the momentums on their favor before the title opportunity. One of the team members from each group will compete in a singles contest on tonight’s show.

Randy Orton, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, and Jeff Hardy are the four names to battle at World Cup tournament from Smackdown. For now, Mysterio and Orton are having the advantages by picking up big victories against their opponents. The other two names will definitely try to pick up some momentums heading into Crown Jewel via some competitions. By the looks of it, they might compete in a tag team match on the show.


Twitter Reactions & Review Of This Week’s Smackdown Live – October 23, 2018

Smackdown has quite an odd start with The New Day calling out the Big Show. It was evident to happen considering how Big Show betrayed them last week. We expected to see a decent contest between Kofi Kingston and Big Show in the opening segment. Rather, we witnessed an utter chaos inside the ring between New Day and The Bar members. It came to a random end with Big Show hitting a KO punch to Woods.

AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan dream tag team failed to bring a major impact on Smackdown. The ending of the match was predictable as they continue to build on rifts against each other. But until and unless one of them turns on each other, the feud will not be heating up. Hopefully, that happens on next week’s Smackdown which will be the go-home show for Crown Jewel.

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The feud between Rusev and Aiden English had a lot of potential on Smackdown Live. These two could build quite a bad blood with each other after that Milwaukee incident. However, lack of planning ruined all of that as last night’s match remained a short affair. Rusev squashed Aiden, predictably to end the feud, perhaps. He should now move on to the United States title picture.

It’s always great to see Rey Mysterio back on Smackdown Live. He was the only savior of the show after last night’s random booking from the WWE. When nothing seems right, the quick-fire actions from WWE’s biggest little man seems soothing to the eyes. It was even a more pleasant news for the fans as they expected to see him in action, the least. Well, he was able to shut The Miz up for good.

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The main event of Smackdown was the biggest example of random booking. Surely, Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy are the two veteran names. But they failed to give a solid match to close the show in a big way. Besides they did not have any purpose to fight on the show as the heated feud was already over. So there was nothing really special about Orton’s win.

Overall, this week’s Smackdown fell flat to a big extent as there were so such storyline extensions. It was also unanswerable why Becky and Charlotte were not on the show on go-home edition of Evolution. Here’s how Twiterrati reacted on this edition,