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What Transpired After WWE Raw Went-Off Air: November 14, 2016

We saw an epic edition of WWE Raw last night. Perhaps for the very last time in his career, Goldberg stepped his foot on the flagship show of the WWE. We saw a glimpse of what to expect on Sunday Night despite the reluctance of Brock Lesnar for a fight. Also, the final segments saw team WWE Raw standing tall over team Smackdown. The actions did not end as we picked things up right from where we finished as the main show went off air.

Dean Ambrose and the team mascot of Smackdown Live, James Ellsworth headed towards the ring again to provide a back up to the commissioner, Shane McMahon. The crowd gave them a huge pop as they were visibly upset after Raw took the upper-hand.

No dark match was stored for tonight’s show since both the Raw and Smackdown show-runners had a sit-down with Renee Young for a show named “State of the WWE Universe.” Stephanie and Foley were all smiling since their team took the upper-hand, shoving off the members of the blue brand.

Foley reminded Shane that they better bring the A-game on Sunday if they don’t want a clean sweep by WWE Raw. The conversation got personal after Stephanie brought their parents into it. She said Vince McMahon is more proud of his daughter rather than his son. Renee closed the show on that note.

The Fall-out show saw The New Day still mourning their the defeat they faced at the hands of the unlikely ally of Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins, and Braun Strowman. But, the unicorns are all set to lead the tag team division at Survivor Series.

Charlotte was all smiling and bragged about her win with Sasha Banks. She said she is the true leader who will take her team to victory and Sasha will have to listen to her instructions. Bryan Kendrick was also found in a cheerful mood after his mind-games gave him a win over Sin Cara.

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WWE Monday Night Raw Full Results With Videos: November 14th, 2016

WWE Raw was hosted at the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York. This was the last Raw before the 30th edition of the Survivor Series PPV. So, the advertisement of Brock Lesnar meeting Goldberg was channeled before the start of the show.


Stephanie McMahon And Mick Foley Addressed WWE Raw Participants

WWE Raw kicked off with the Raw participants standing on the ramp as Foley & Stephanie addressed them. Both gave each of the members of Raw some pep-talk before Survivor Series as Stephanie quoted, “Tonight we need you all to work together as a team.” So, in order to examine if they are able to co-exist there will be unlikely allies who will team up for the first time ever. The matches started with the following one.


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WWE Raw Video: Goldberg-Brock Lesnar Come Face To Face

WWE Raw was hosted at the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York, last night. It marked the last edition of WWE Raw before the 30th annual Survivor Series PPV on this Sunday from Toronto. This also kick-started the Survivor Series week, in style. We were already hyped with this episode of WWE Raw as it was headlined by the confrontation between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. This was perhaps the last time that we were supposed to see Goldberg on Raw.

So, that itself was history making. Plus, thinking of Lesnar and Goldberg standing in one ring runs chill through our spines. The face to face meeting showed why they are the two icons of their generation. Goldberg was trying to prove he still has something left in him to fight the beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar. The Beast Incarnate, on the other hand, promised to keep his dominance ongoing.

With that being said, we saw Lesnar appearing with his advocate Paul Heyman by his side on WWE Raw. The security team was on the ringside to make sure that there’s no physical contact between both competitors. Goldberg was looking intense than ever while making his epic entrance on WWE Raw for one final time perhaps.

Heyman reminded Goldberg that he is no more a superhero to the kids but as the catchline says “fantasy warfare gets real”, he is just a fantasy now. So, at Survivor Series, his client will rip him apart. It will be so bad that even his son will call Lesnar his daddy.

Goldberg manhandled two members of the security team. Lesnar ripped off his shirt and got ready for a fight. But, he did not bother to step his foot inside the ring and smiled back at him. The Goldberg chant filled up the arena as Lesnar walked off. Goldberg finished the segment on WWE Raw by posing on the turnbuckles.


WWE News: Plans For Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair After Survivor Series

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 left some bad tastes in fans’ mouth. They were supposedly getting Sasha Banks as the concrete champion and were shocked to see Charlotte being the champion yet again. The most shocking part was Sasha was the one who took all the bumpy rides during the match but still ended up on the losing side.

Latest reports suggests the planning was nothing to do with Sasha getting injured on that night. She was still present in the live event at Germany where she competed against Charlotte in another losing effort in order to retain her WWE Women’s championship.
Wrestling Observer Newsletter also suggests Sasha Banks was the original choice to come out victorious in front of her hometown of Boston. But the decision was changed by Vince McMahon just days prior to the WWE. Just a few backstage officials closer to the chairman were aware of the change in planning. Vince even did not green signal the idea of letting the women go down the card until Triple H urged to do so for a number of times.

Vince is now apparently interested in extending Charlotte’s undefeated streak in singles matches in the PPVs for two years. This will make her stronger than ever. The fact that she is 14-0 in WWE PPV record book is often mentioned by WWE post Hell in a Cell PPV. She’ll be extending her streak following more wins from now onwards.

This in turn will help build her opponent looking stronger and demand some credit-ability when her streak gets over at some point. Bayley is the most likely name as of now and Wrestlemania is going to be the time predictably.

Dana Brooke is also considered to be the one since WWE has planned a face turn for her in near future. She will turn on her mentor Charlotte to be fan favorite. If she can gain some momentum then she might be the one as well. Meanwhile, Sasha Banks is expected to return in December to claim her rematch against the Queen at the WWE Roadblock PPV.


WWE Monday Night Raw Five-Point Preview: November 14th, 2016

WWE Raw will be hosted at the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York on November 14. This is going to be the last edition before we head towards the Survivor Series PPV, this Sunday. But, before that, two participants of the “fantasy warfare become reality” match will confront each other for one final time. That’s not all as Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon will also be the guests on Raw. So here’s what to expect from the show tonight.



Brock Lesnar – Bill Goldberg Confrontation

Okay, so this is really happening. The KeyBank arena will come unglued when Goldberg and Brock Lesnar stand face-to-face on a night, which could mark the final appearance of Goldberg on WWE Raw. The question is will the confrontation between these two icons turn into a brawl? The verbal abuse against each other has been going on for long and maybe it’s time to see some action.


A List Of WWE Divas Who Underwent Surgery To Look Better

Even today when the Women’s revolution is in full force and the term ‘Diva’ is going to get extinct, you just can’t deny the attractiveness of the female talents due to their beauty. Nikki Bella’s success says so. She has improved her in-ring skills to a whole new level but nobody can’t deny that looks have always been an advantage for her. Over the years, there have been multiple Divas who have gone under the knives in order to body enhancement. Here’s a list.



Eva Marie

She is one of the gorgeous Divas in the WWE locker room. If you follow Total Divas then you should be aware that Eva’s breast enhancements have made her even more gorgeous than before. However, she suffered concussions for this.


WWE News: Team Captains From Raw And Smackdown Indulge In Twitter War

The 30th annual Survivor Series is inching closer towards us. This year the dual brand PPV will take place at the Air Canada center in Toronto, Canada. The PPV is being headlined by the fantasy warfare of Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar becoming into reality. For the first time in 12 long years, Goldberg will be stepping inside the squared circle to take on the beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar.

Apart from the blockbuster match, the event is considered to be that one night in the year where both Raw and Smackdown will go head to head to emerge as the better brand. So, this year we will witness not one but three traditional Survivor Series elimination matches on that night.
Three matches will take place from the men, women and the tag team division. We have got the full list of the participants who will be part of Survivor Series PPV. Kevin Owens will lead the Raw brand and AJ Styles will be the flag-bearer for Smackdown. So, quite expectedly they started to hype up the war between two brands by getting into a Twitter war.

AJ was the first one who said that he will eliminate each and every member of Raw single-handedly. Owens hit back by saying that he should learn how to pin James Ellsworth first. Ellsworth is still unbeaten against Styles since debuting on Smackdown.

WWE Universal champion, Kevin Owens goes to a new height while insulting anybody and did the exact same moving further. Owens said that even Charlotte, the Women’s champion “can kick Styles’ a**.” So, the first round goes to Owens, definitely.
Owens is willing to do anything to come out victorious at Survivor Series since it is taking place on his home soil of Canada. He will also get his buddy Canadian, Chris Jericho by his side.


WWE News: WWE Total Divas Returns On E-Network, Next Week

WWE started the tradition of airing the personal lives of the WWE Divas from the year 2013 and it has become a huge hit on the internet. So, E-Network keeps coming back, every year with new seasons. As announced earlier, the season six of Total Divas will go on the air on November 16 i.e. on next Tuesday.

The Bella Twins are the main stars of the reality TV series. The public demand of seeing their life are so much that E-Network has channeled the separate Total Bellas show. For the past few weeks, it covered the lives of Nikki & Brie since the beginning of the New Year. Nikki’s surgery and Brie Bella’s retirement was the main issue of the six episode long season, that got finished this Wednesday.


The new season of Total Divas will start from where Total Bellas ended. It will cover Brie’s journey to motherhood post-retirement and Nikki’s return to in-ring action. The other regular faces i.e. Natalya, Paige, and Eva Marie will also be seen. Maryse, Lana and WWE announcer, Renee Young will also be seen this season.

The fans will be excited to see details about Paige’s life since she’s been in a rift with WWE over her relationship with Alberto Del Rio. We have been getting rumors of their personal life from various sources and now we will see it officially on the TV screen as Total Divas is coming back. We will learn the truth behind all the rumors that were surrounding the rumor mill for the past few months. E-Network posted update about the upcoming season:

“With a pregnancy announcement, an engagement, and a fierce comeback, the stars of E!’s hit series Total Divas have been quite busy since we last saw them at the end of season five. And we wouldn’t expect anything less from this dynamic group of women who continue to grow and change in both their careers and personal lives. That fact will make it even more exciting to watch how their story lines will develop beginning in the upcoming premiere on Nov. 16.”


WWE Top 5 Rumors At This Time: November 11th, 2016

The 30th annual Survivor Series is just more than one week away from us where we will see the clash between two iconic wrestling figures. Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar is the match that pro-wrestling fraternity has been waiting for. Meanwhile, another week has passed by and the rumor mill is continuing with more news around the WWE universe. Let’s take a look at the top of those.


At Least One UFC Star To Be Present At Wrestlemania

Just like Wrestlemania 31, next year too, WWE is trying to make an appearance with at least one UFC superstar. The name is probably going to be either Ronda Rousey or Connor McGregor. The segment featuring Ronda became the best segment that year and this year, she might indulge into a match with Stephanie, as per the rumor. Plus, WWE will offer its lucky viewers to have a visit at the Performance Center in Orlando in order to attract more viewers.


WWE News: Paige Gets Back To Gym Sessions After Neck Surgery

WWE Diva Paige successfully underwent a neck surgery last month. It was much needed due to career threatening injury in her neck. After much delay,, Paige finally decided to undergo the surgery for good to heal up fully from it. However, it will keep her away from in-ring competition for at least six long months.

But, she is showing positive signs with her return and is back in workout sessions. Her latest updates from social media accounts showed she is rehabbing fully on a daily basis. Her helping hand during this time is obviously her boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio. She thanked him for staying by her side all the time. Her quote said,

“Tried boxing class today. Of course, my friend the next brace came along. Proud of my baby steps and of course he’s helping me every step of the way! Getting stronger every day.”

Paige’s injury is much similar to that of Nikki Bella, which kept her sidelined for almost a year. After Nikki’s surgery, she took complete bed rest for the first three months but Paige is back in gym sessions much earlier than expected. It’s a good sign for her en route to her recovery process.

However, it does not indicate that Paige will be return as soon as she gets fit to compete. There are several concerns between her and WWE. Even at this point, she is suspended for 60 days in the WWE. She violated the WWE wellness policy in August and was banned for 30 days and then followed it up with the second time for the same reason.

Paige was frustrated with the reason for getting suspended and hence the rift between her and the company is still on. In past interviews, she has hinted the uncertainty regarding her WWE career. She is willing to leave WWE but the contract is intact till 2019.

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