3 things you do not know about the Rated R Superstar Edge

Arindam Paul / 09 November 2015

WWE Hall of Famer Edge had done everything in WWE. He came in WWE as a young star with all the possibilities and made the most out of it. He won a number of championships with Christian as well as on his own. He was always controversial and sometimes luck helped when he may have never gotten an opportunity. He is now retired from WWE and acting in major shows like Haven and The Flash. However, Edge never went on record to tell people about some of the things or there are some things that most of the people don’t know about him.


Edge has won most number of titles in WWE history

Edge is the most decorated superstar in WWE history in my opinion. He was decorated most of the time with championship gold, or a briefcase or a trophy throughout his career. Despite number of injuries he had won the championships which are as follows:

11 time World Champion
1 time US Champion
5 time IC Champion
14 Time Tag Team Champion

This counts 31 championships in total which is a record one. No one holds this number of championships in WWE history even though he did not have the opportunity to hold the hardcore, European or Cruiserweight titles. Imagine, if he would not have the career threatening injury, he will still be headlining PPV’s.


Only man to win MITB, Royal Rumble match and King of the Ring

Edge was one of the history-maker with almost through his entire career. WWE let him do a lot of things as a first timer as WWE wanted him in the role of an anchor. And he always fitted in the big position where WWE wanted him to be in. He was a large portion of Smackdown brand almost most of the portion in his singles career.

One thing you may not know that he is the only man to win the Money in the Bank, Royal Rumble match and the King of the Ring tournament. Some of the men done two but no one had made three of them simultaneously. He was the first ever Money in the bank winner along with two wins in Elimination Chamber matches. He won the MITB in 2005, King of the Ring in 2001 and the Royal Rumble in 2010.

Edge cheated on his second wife with Lita

We all know that Edge and Lita had a thing about ten years ago. Lita cheated on Matt hardy while Matt was an action due to injury. Lita and Edge were always close due to in-ring storylines they had with the Hardy Boys and got to see each other a lot in those days.

While it was in public that Lita cheated on Matt, many do not know that Edge too was married then with a woman called Lisa Ortiz. He was previously married to Val Venis’ sister Alanah Morley. The marriage only lasted a few years before he got divorced and had tied the knot second time with Miss Ortis only to be scandalized with Lita.

Once the relationship of Edge and Lita went public Ortis too had a blast with both edge and Lita over the situation. If you recall, Hardy used the internet and social media to blast both Edge and Lita. So it does make sense that Ortis too had joined Hardy’s website to scandalize them. Of course, this love triangle became one of the top most stories that WWE ever have had and it was mainly due to the real life events that were playing on.

At that time, it was the biggest story in years but Edge was actually cheating on his wife. So Lita was not the only cheater we know. So it is something that most of the people do not know about the Rated R superstar. Interestingly though WWE had never used this fact the storyline and more than that very few people know that Edge was married twice before that.


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