Now that Cena has been off air post-Hell in a Cell and scheduled to be back only at the last stage of December there are speculations on the ways by which Cena can make a blockbuster return. Though WWE has been scheduled Cena to be in a feud for the US title likely there are some better ways by which he can avoid “Cena sucks” chants for sure. And getting that huge pop will make him headline Wrestlemania once again.


Cena-Nikki-Ziggler Love triangle

WWE had put down some ground work on this one already via a storyline on Total Divas last episode on which Dolph told Nikki that he wants to rekindle his lost romance with Nikki. Both used to date each other many years ago. Now we are not that stupid to fall for a storyline shown on Total Divas but that is a thread that we can use here WWE also. Both Dolph and Nikki can grow their in-ring romance in Cena’s absence as Nikki is finally having a chance to keep distance from herself and the divas title. As their love story seems to grow day by day out comes Cena one day to save his girl to kick Ziggler’s ass in a truly heroic fashion.


Comeback in the Royal Rumble match

It will be a bad thing if WWE let John Cena’s big return go for free by presenting him in a house show or in RAW. It will create a bigger impact if he shows up as a shocking entrant in the 2016 Royal Rumble creating a bigger anticipation thereby upon his return and the pop will be enormous after his music hit at the Royal Rumble. Though there is less chance for him to win the rumble but he can definitely create a feud after eliminating by someone.

Creating a feud with Taker on Return

With Cena taking his time off, the Undertaker is now scheduled to celebrate his 25th anniversary on Survivor Series thereby filling up the gap for the franchise. Now after Survivor Series is over, imagine one show where Taker is cutting promo telling that how much is he still relevant in pro-wrestling at his age and suddenly Cena’s music hits. It would have a big moment feel and instantly create a hype for Taker vs. Cena match at Wrestlemania.

TLC at Cena’s Home State

This is the most likely one to happen where Cena is supposed to show up as WWE TLC PPV is scheduled to be broadcasted live from Cena’s hometown of Boston, Massachchesetts on Dec 13. The expectation is that Cena will get a huge pop from the home crowd and that is the exactly kind of positive movement WWE want to bring back on him. The surprise factor and considering it’s in his home turf makes it an instant blockbuster.

A Reverse US Open challenge

For several months, Cena has made the US title a prestigious one by issuing the US open challenge weeks after week. Now then Del Rio has grabbed the title and likely he would retain the title for sometimes now, imagine the situation where people will be habituated with him beating the jobbers and suddenly one day he issues the open challenge where Cena shows up out of nowhere and send Del Rio back to his Mex-America. This would be a good idea if WWE put Cena back into the spot he vacated instantly after his return. 

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