John Cena will defend his US championship against a mystery opponent. Since this announcement was made on Raw it created a buzz about who can be his possible opponents? If rumors are true then Cena would drop the title to that certain superstar, taking a short time off thereby after the night. Here are 5 choices of whom Cena pick up the fight with.


Daniel Bryan

This is the best option to fulfill the slot of the franchise with the leader of the ‘Yes’ movement. He can blow the roof off making a surprise return and WWE universe would be immensely happy if he is crowned with the gold again. The crowd would erupt after that slight pause between Cena invites for the challenge and the yes music hits. He was scheduled to meet a third doctor recently and if he passes the test then there is no reason for him to make a comeback. And certainly winning the US title would let him go back in the right track where they can have great rematch upon Cena’s return.



Honestly, WWE has not done justice to a talent like Cesaro. If Cena has the choice to pick his opponent he is likely to go with Cesaro. He is a top fan of his wrestling. They had a number of matches in the past where he came this close to winning the title. Though Cena’s choice will not be the last word, because Vince Mcmohan needs to be convinced first. Cesaro needs a big win to be in the spotlight, but the question is, will WWE let it happen? If Cesaro is given the chance to beat Cena clean, the message will be delivered that Cesaro has arrived in the scene.


Finn Balor

Wrestling Observer has briefly mentioned Balor’s name who could come up as a surprise to accept the challenge. He would be a perfect choice to take Cena’s belt and would get a proper hot introduction to establish himself in the main roster in the absence of Cena. And the atmosphere would be electric when his music hits and the Demon crawls out in the Staples Center Arena. Cena can help again an NXT champion to cement himself and show his proper credentials. Though he is busy as NXT champion but the case was same for Kevin Owens. Maybe it’s the time for the Demon’s rise.


Tyler Breeze

The hottest news this week was the debut of Tyler Breeze on Smackdown. And what better way to build up his image by letting him win the US title as part of Cena’s open challenge? He will be a huge star straightaway if he can pin the franchise on the Hell in a Cell PPV night. And from then on he can be a big deal on RAW revealing his character and with his genuine in ring abilities. His heel work was effective on NXT and will surely be effective on the main roster too as he gets Summer Rae in his corner too in addition. Having the belt around his waist will work as the people will want him to be beaten by a babyface. But most importantly he will be in the big league.


Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler’s heel turn is imminent but after this week’s Smackdown it may not be the case as he is going to start a feud with the new heel in scene i.e. Tyler Breeze. Let’s say he wins the title on Sunday night and his feud continues with Tyler during Cena’s absence as to build up his character and when Cena returns he can start a feud with Ziggler Because as the  Total Divas’ last episode showed Ziggler is about to rekindle his lost romance with Nikki Bella who is Cena’s current girlfriend. The feud would be for the title as well as for the girl and will have a great storyline thereby. It would be a smart booking decision as Ziggler needs a little bit of spark in his character and would follow up the match he had with Cena in recent week.

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