From Fastlane onwards the Wrestlemania storylines will start to shape up considering it is the last full stop before we kick things off towards the grandest stage of Sports entertainment. The main event is set to point out the current scenario where Roman Reigns is trying to overcome all the odds put in front of him by the Authority. Whereas this is a tested and soon-to-unveil storyline there are other subplots regarding superstars and, of course, storylines that need to be answered at the pay-per-view.

US title and Kalisto

It was quite surprising when Kalisto won the US championship for the second time, snatching it from Del Rio. Initially, it was thought that Del Rio, Mexico’s greatest export will walk on the grandest stage with the gold. Now, though, he had got his rematch at Fastlane, WWE is not likely giving him the title back and it will stay with the masked Luchagor. Now, Kalisto is high flying and filled with excitement when stepped inside a ring, but who will be his opponent at the grandest stage after Del Rio and furthermore, we have not seen him in the main event spotlight, so a question mark lies around him when it come to the grandest stage of them all.


What’s next with Owens after Ziggler?

The prizefighter finally got what he deserves after being empty handed for over two long months i.e. the IC title under his waist. After facing two consecutive defeats at the hands of Ziggler, this time, he meets the show-off with the title on the line and surely will topple the challenge in a fare encounter. But, this feud is seen over the past two months and there’s nothing new about it. The question is will Sami Zayn be called up in the main roster as Owens’ next opponent or will it be Neville who will step into the ring with Owens on the grandest stage?

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AJ Styles’ next opponent

Chris Jericho is rightly used by the WWE when it comes to hype up the Phenomenal one in the big league of WWE. The angle between the two remains single yet significant. The two have already delivered two great matches and they will be booked at Fastlane for the rubber match where AJ will steal the victory to wrap up the feud. Post-Fastlane Styles needs a solid opponent to deliver it big time at Wrestlemania but nothing is clear around him, till date.


Reigns vs. Triple H intact as the Wrestlemania main event?

 Here’s an interesting fact. For the last two years, the winner of the Royal Rumble was scheduled to be pinned at the main event of Wrestlemania and there had been a twist heading towards the main event. Remember, Batista won the Royal Rumble in 2014 but Daniel Bryan came out of nowhere to convert Mania to ‘Yes’-o-mania. This year, Roman Reigns is still in a hazy situation considering he is not at its best when thinking him as the main babyface of the company. Will Vince McMahon still keep him in the main event against Triple H to see his head high with the title without noticing crowd booing him out of The AT&T stadium or somewhere a wildcard is lying to steal the spotlight?

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Will Brock Lesnar be in the title picture at Wrestlemania?

The common thought regarding the triple threat match is Dean Ambrose will be there in the match only to get pinned. The match will definitely see a crack between the two brothers-in-arms and the Wyatt family will perhaps interfere in the match to cost Lesnar at his title shot. But the question then again, why do Wyatt help Reigns to become the number one contender after being involved in an “anyone but you” feud? Also, if Dean is scheduled to get pinned why he is in the spotlight post-Royal Rumble and the Authority has also taken his IC title from him, perhaps for a bigger planning for him at Wrestlemania. And lastly, if Reigns or Dean does not get the pinfall the will Brock Lesnar in over almost 3 years be pinned somehow?

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We will have to wait till Sunday to get a clear view of the upcoming scenario.

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