Seth Rollins was injured and will be out for six to nine months after suffering a devastating knee injury. There is no doubt that Rollins was one of the cornerstones and the top most heel for the last two years. There is no doubt with his in-ring skills and the abilities he has to cut a promo with the mic. Now that a new spot is created, a new star will be taken to the height of the main event as WWE needs one top most heel in Rollins’ absence. There are several stars who can be pushed forward in the next few weeks.  Though it’s a tough task to follow, these are the top names who can be the new Seth Rollins.


Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is a perfect name for this spot. Born with a heel attitude, he is brilliant with the mic and has tremendous in-ring abilities. He walks and talks like a champion and calls himself a price fighter. He could pick up well from where Rollins had left off. Some brash promos which will follow up with some sensational matches will do the tricks for him. It is guys like KO who will benefit from the injury that Rollins picked up. There should be a step up moment for KO and this would the perfect one to establish the guy in the upper-card level. We can only hope that WWE will push the heel the IC champion to the next level.


The best in ring performer in WWE today and quite ironically has no storyline for last several months. In fact, no opportunities were given to him whatsoever in recent past. So it’s better to make him heel instead of doing nothing. Maybe it’s not possible to make him the champion as of right now, but a push is definitely needed to make him take the place of Rollins as a top heel. The matches he will have would make up everything for Rollins. Let the Cesaro Section a chance to rejoice over some real reason.

King Barrett

This was the guy who directly broke into the main event standard with The Nexus when arrived first in the scene but bad creative since then had made him an underrated worker. It was felt that he is going to have some opportunities after winning the prestigious King of the Ring tournament. But that too did not happen. Now it’s a good chance for him to build up given that he is a good worker, good with the mic and a heel to replace Rollins. Just drop his king gimmick, and make him heel thug and he will surely deliver as the main event attraction. An awesome moment can be created by making him the champion in the coming which will be held from his native UK. And then make Reigns chase for the title which will make a great feud.

Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose is not booked for anything post-Hell in a Cell. He is staying in the shadow of Roman Reigns since the start of their feud which prevailed last summer. This is despite the in ring and mic abilities he has. Both he and WWE will agree that they need to make a change and come up with a new plan and what better way to push a Shield guy instead of a Shield guy? The injury on Rollins could finally make a way for the much-anticipated heel turn for Ambrose which will push him forward to the championship spot. The nemesis to Roman Reigns would be another Shield guy which is quite interesting.



There’s been a lot of time passed by since we have seen the Celtic Warrior in the limelight scene. He is the same superstar who had seen the quickest rise in his career by becoming WWE champion within months after his debut and main eventing Triple H at Wrestlemania 26. But the tremendous worker has no tasks in hand as of now for months and is sidelined with no storyline. This is the biggest opportunity for WWE creative to make him successful by using his money in the bank and making him relevant once again just like they did with Rollins. And perhaps this would be the perfect replacement for the top heel that WWE needs in place of Rollins.


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