A proper booking and execution of a Pay-per-view is not a cake walk for WWE for once. They are feeling the hype as Hell in a Cell is coming closer day by day. Though the success depends on how the matches would end, all the eyes would be on the main event that is the rubber match between Taker and Lesnar. WWE can concentrate on this particular match or they can make some bold decisions which will be fruitful in the future. Here are some predictive decisions based upon the match cards.


Bellas took out of the title picture

It’s quite hard to digest that Nikki Bella is longest reigning divas champion of all time. But it’s the thing which cannot be undone now and Nikki is getting yet another chance to regain the title against Charlotte. It will be bad for the Divas division if they let Nikki do the same thing again as many of the talented divas are next in the line for the title. Divas like Paige, Becky Linch, Sasha Banks are far better than her to say the least. So they should be given a chance whereas Nikki should be utilized elsewhere where she can play the glam doll that she really is, taking a break from the title equation.


Dean Ambrose turns on Orton

At Hell in a Cell Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton will be in a matchup against Luke Harper and Braun Strowman. On paper, it is going to be a solid and physical match up. But as seen on Raw both the Lunatic and the Viper can barely stand each other and WWE can look to push things further between them. A heel turn for Ambrose will make things interesting as he will go on to become a top heel right creating the much-awaited feud against Roman Reigns.


End of Two Kanes

This ongoing feud between Kane and Seth Rollins is quite a waste of time and especially when it comes to the WWE world heavyweight championship storyline. It is an easy ways to keep the champ busy one month but from a larger angle it’s not simply good enough. According to the stipulation, Corporate Kane will be fired if he loses the match and that is the exact thing needed but they definitely did not need a championship match for that. Because Demon Kane is much worthy than the corporate one to fill the space between the main event and mid-card level while Rollins can carry on with another feud.


The New Day retaining the title

We get it, that the Dudleyz deserve to win their 10th tag title and the fans would love to see them as winners, but they really don’t need the gold around their waist to prove their legacy here. Because they can wrestle every random team every week and still look good. New Day is on a roll as of right now and WWE should not ruin the momentum by taking their gold. They should keep their dominance that they are showing right now.



Brock Lesnar should be the winner

The third installment of the iconic feud between the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar will see them lock their horns inside the cell. Taker being the fan favorite is as usually expected to win as he still seeks revenge from WrestleMania 30 where his streak was broken. But WWE had created him as an unstoppable force since then and two back to back loses will do a tremendous effect on that image. And looking on from a business and future perspective Lesnar needs to win this one to defend himself from two straight losses and retain his unstoppable image as Taker is no regular option for WWE right now.

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