In his own words, “Finally, he will return to the Grandest Stage of Them All.” Since his post on Instagram and that being accepted by WWE, the Great One is on the trending news. But, what will actually can he be upto on the show of immortals? The speculations are huge among the fans with his triumphant return on the mega Dallas show on April 3, 2016. Here are five things that had predicted the Rock will be upto cookin’ to make a great taste for the fans.


Opponent of the Deadman

It’s that time of the year when WWE Universe are heated up to kick things off for the road to Wrestlemania and with one thing remaining constant i.e. the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania opponent. The speculation has even got bigger since the streak has been broken by Lesnar. This year who better to face Taker than the Great One. These two were the cornerstones back in the attitude era and the renewed rivalry will surely rank high among the fans.


Participating in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal

As a third generation superstar, The Rock has an extremely personal bond with the ‘eighth wonder’ of the world i.e. Andre the Giant. The Rock’s father and grandfather have fought against Andre and so what better way to pay tribute to the mammoth superstar by participating in Rumble and wrestle with those superstars with whom we can never expect him to go one-on-one.

Playing “The Game” once more

Last time The Rock set his foot on the Grandest stage of them all was against The Authority i.e. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon engaging in a heated conversation with them and rekindling old memories of him with the COO of the company. The last time we saw these two in a ring on RAW 2002, the match ended in a disqualification following the interference from Shawn Michaels. After noting the fact, these will be worthy enough to know who will last the laugh in the final encounter of the two.


Guest referee for “Battle of the billionaires 2”

There’s nothing wrong between Mr. McMahon and the host of Wrestlemania 32 Jerry Jones till date but as we remember what went down before Wrestlemania 23 causing the battle of Billionaires (between Vince McMahon and Donald Trump), this time, a similar thing can occur as Jerry is the owner of Dallas Cowboys and AT&T stadium being home to them. Since Austin played the guest referee in the first battle edition, it would only be fair if Rock would play the special guest referee in the second one.


Appear in the corner of Roman Reigns, his cousin

It was a long time before Reigns had captured the title gold from Sheamus when The Rock had endorsed his cousin in the Royal Rumble event last year. As Roman Reigns has been constantly facing the ‘one versus all’ situations, The Rock’s presence in his corner should not be ruled out or it can come with a shocker if The Rock would actually challenge Reigns for the championship gold instead of being his challenger.


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