It was just a few days ago when overhyped fans kept calling New York police stations as Vince McMahon got arrested on the opening segment of RAW and it did remind us of some good old days when superstars used to go too far with their heel ways as fans believed the act to be real. Thus, more than a few times, local police stations had to put up with fans calling to rant about a criminal act shown in the ring whereas it was only a keyfabe event. Here are 5 times wrestlers should have been arrested for what they pulled on camera and with such a disgrace.


Attacking someone in his house

There were instances Edge breaking into John Cena’s dad’s house and beating him up or HHH attacking Randy Orton at his home. Each time the accusation should have been trespassing and assaulting. But neither in the cases police called in or hear of charges to make the situation once more getting payback in the ring.

Austin vs. McMahon

The greatest rivalry in the history of sports entertainment saw absolutely nastiest things like Austin filling his car with cement, numerous beatings with various objects, stalking McMahon with a (toy) gun and threatening him, and each of them falls under criminal acts. What about Austin driving a beer truck to the ring? Even if he rented the truck, driving it to an arena and spraying it to a much younger crowd is the utmost criminal offense. The battle of Texas rattlesnake and the boss took law breaking to a totally different level.


Kane and his fire act

Kane alongside his brother has probably committed the most brutal crimes of any wrestler in kayfabe. Kane arrived on the scene in 1997 and since his debut, he brought massacre with him. Kane would lock Undertaker in a casket at the 1998 Royal Rumble and burned it, which would constitute as attempted murder. Following years he would do some of these havocs:

–  Set Jim Ross on fire

– Burned down William Regal’s office

– Electrocuted Shane McMahon’s testicles

– Assaulting Linda McMahon

– Forcefully impregnating Lita


Triple H’s marriage to Stephanie

It was back then when Stephanie was presented as an innocent girl. As a long term relationship was going to end with an in-ring wedding ceremony, HHH came out saying that the marriage could not take place because a video of him was shown taking an unconscious Stephanie through a drive-thru wedding chapel to get married. A drive-thru wedding and that too when the bride is unconscious is pushing it too far.


Undertaker’s criminal acts

Undertaker is not far behind while committing on screen crimes. In fact, he may have done the most of them all. Despite all that he is the most adorable superstars of all time. His crime record is as follows:

Putting Ultimate Warrior in a coffin

– Kidnapping and forcing Stephanie McMahon into marriage

– Hanging the Big Bossman

– Attempting to crucify Stone Cold

– Setting Kane on fire

– Burying Paul Bearer in cement

– Admitting to burning down funeral home, killing his parents

As per Undertaker’s track record, he should be in jail right now but it was all part of a keyfabe. So instead, it gave him more fame and made him a legend.

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