It’s Wrestlemania season once again, and things start to go into a completely new gear. Superstars like to give their best to present themselves top of the card as to get the spotlight on them. This edition is being held in Dallas, Texas. WWE is trying with almost every possible option to pull it out as the biggest Wrestlemania. Considering the thick roster due to a number of injuries WWE desperately trying to bring back some of the legends to hype up different segments. With Triple H and Roman Reigns rumored to headline this year’s WrestleMania, there are endless possibilities as to how the entire card will shape up. Here, are the predicted 5 superstars who can return down the road.

The last time Batista was in WWE, he faced tremendous boo of the Universe. WWE had put him into the Royal Rumble 2014 and against Batista’s wish and let him win the Rumble which created a lot of heat. Later, WWE Universe forced to keep Daniel Bryan in the main event and steal the show. Recently, WWE has offered Batista to be the guest referee at the main event between Triple H and Roman Reigns. Batista has not agreed as of reports coming, but he is waiting for a perfect storyline to be involved in the main event to a certain extent. So, his return can be expected anytime soon.

Daniel Bryan
WWE Universe is still not over with the emotional segment of Daniel Bryan retiring from professional wrestling. But, that does not mean his craze is over. If he shows anytime in any capacity the crowd will erupt. Imagine, 80k plus people chanting YES at the AT&T stadium on April 3rd, 2016. Recently WWE has teased a segment between Brie and Lana which can eventually land up as a match at Mania. So, there are great chances of Bryan showing up at Brie’s corner to even the odds and act in a non-wrestling role, what he deserves.

Ronda Rousey
The Rock won the Slammy awards for producing one of the most epic moments in Wrestlemania history, last year. The Rock and the former UFC Bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey teamed up to challenge The Authority, as Ronda hip tossed Triple H out of the ring. Now, ever since Ronda’s streak has been broken at UFC, She himself alongside Stephanie is teasing her presence in WWE. Especially Stephanie McMahon have expressed their interest in bringing Ronda back and teased a match between herself and Ronda at the Grandest stage of them all. So it will not be shocking if we see her making a couple of appearances.

Though, the former WCW cornerstone has never contacted to make an appearance at Wrestlemania. While Goldberg and WWE might not have parted ways on the best of terms, recently, Goldberg has been linked with a potential return to WWE. Goldberg has himself expressed to have a final run in WWE before calling it a day. And the rumors started to fly highly around when Jim Ross listed Goldberg as a potential return. If WWE can make up their differences between them and Goldberg and plans according to the business, think about the hype that Wrestlemania would create.

Kurt Angle
Since Kurt Angle had a farewell run in TNA, WWE Universe will love to see him for a final run in the company. Recently, in an interview he has expressed the same desire after over a decade. Kurt Angle wouldn’t like to work as the full-time schedule for sure but there is a good chance that he might get to work limited dates, similar to the likes of Sting and The Undertaker. Kurt is a globally acclaimed wrestler and with TNA favorites like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles has headed to WWE, his temptation to sign with WWE and perform on the grandest stage of them all sounds great.

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