5 WWE superstars having most chance to be US champ in Cena’s absence:

Arindam Paul / 10 October 2015

Until Cena had a chance to it US title had become one of the third tier belts of the company which was not much worthy to win and was even least attraction for the masses.

The title got back some of his prestige  from Wrestle Mania when Cena won the champion from Rusev and started the US open challenge every night on RAW and made it the main attraction on RAW and PPV’s.

But Cena taking his time off the title must be handed over to somebody else. After all a veteran like him should not be wasted much for pushing a title. Here are the 5 superstars who have the priorities to become the US champion in the absence of Cena.



Dean Ambrose:

Will this man ever be pushed? He was always was in backlight while is in THE SHIELD. After that, he has always been in the shadow of Roman Reigns. You guys may not remember that he was one the longest reigning US champion as a SHIELD member. He has defended it the least times, but it’s not his fault. Now given with his incredible popularity and much deserved title shot he should be the top most priority in the list and Cena’s absence can be fruitful to him as he can cement his spot at the main events. And I am quite sure he will make a proper justification to his name and the title both.





Roman Reigns:

Someone from you must be taken aback to see his name in the list, but Roman is yet to win his major singles’ championship here in WWE. No doubt his recent feud with Wyatt family is going phenomenal but to take his career to the next level he surely needs gold around his waist. This year started on a heavy note for him and we were quite sure of his championship wins. But out comes Seth Rollins to steal the spotlight from him. But WWE might give him an early rise which was not necessary for him back then when he won the Royal Rumble and main evented Wrestle mania this year. But it’s time to think about his career and it can be started by giving him the US title be it a Face or Heel.


Kofi Kingston:

Though Kofi has won the title back quite a few times he has a good chance to win it back given THE NEW DAY is in the limelight everywhere and they are dominating literally. They are working really hard though. They have emerged from entertaining trio to be one of the greatest faction in WWE today. They also keep entertaining us maintaining their heel status. Xavier and Big E both had their chance in recent weeks and now it’s his turn to try his hand on the title and we should not be surprised if he succeeds in this one.




Again a huge disappointment from WWE when it comes to Cesaro. A talent like him deserves to be far better. The hype he got after Wrestle Mania 30 winning the inaugural Andre the giant battle royal brought him only to the mid-card level or a tag specialist. But he deserved a long title run for definite reasons. Even he got his chance at Cena’s title and many says that was the match of the year. Cena too is the biggest fan of Cesaro’s wrestling backstage and if that is the case he should the one to be chosen for this one.




It has been quite a sometimes since he debuted in WWE main roster and mesmerized us with his areal moves. He justified the phrase that is told about him – THE MAN THAT GRAVITY FORGOT. But we had seen quite a superstar with that good quality and moves who had lost their way after coming to the main roster. Hopefully, it will not happen with Neville anyway and what better way to take him to the next level by giving him the US title. He already got a shot to the title and deserves another one and by giving him a better feud rather than Stardust he can make it to the main event someday in future.

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