5 WWE Superstars who had most girlfriends or wives

Arindam Paul / 04 February 2016

A hectic schedule always waits for a professional wrestler. This is a job in which you can get hurt any time and your dearest ones will not willing to see you in that situation. Always physically demanding schedule is not someone would dream of. In between works, though, these superstars manages enough time to get into not one but multiple relationships.

There are some superstars who completely excelled the dating games but that stopped there only because they did not take the after dating life too seriously which obviously caused breakups. Here’s a list of the superstars who had multiple relationships and breakups.


Ric Flair

The stylin’ and profilin’ superstar Ric Flair tied the knot on four different occasions. Leslie Goodman was his first spouse and their marriage happened in 1971 and lasted 12 years. After his first separation, Flair married Elizabeth and this one lasted for two decades before Flair decided to make it number three with Tiffany Vandemark which ended in 2009. Flair finally decided to call it a quit with number four Jackie Beems. His daughter Charlotte’s mother is Elizabeth.



Most of the fans were familiar about the in ring affairs rather scandals that Edge had in WWE. No one really knows much beyond that. Edge was married before that twice. His first marriage happened back in 2001 when he married Alanah Morley, sister of former WWE star Val Venis. After getting divorced in 2004, he married Lisa Ortiz in the same year. The marriage did not last more than a year as you can remember Edge’s romantic involvement with Lita started in 2005. After the controversial relationship came to an end he further had one with Vickie Guerrero in 2007. After that ally’s end Edge settled with another Diva Beth Phoenix and the couple has a baby. This relationship is going stronger till date.



The Animal Batista not only excelled his career in Hollywood and WWE but also in women too. He was linked with multiple superstars and made a must mentioned in the list. Starting from 1990 he married a woman called Glenda. Afterwards, Batista tied the knot with Angie in 1998 before the duo separated in 2006. Backstage of the squared circle he broke the internet with a relationship with Malena. If that’s not enough Batista has dated Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes too. Finally, he settled in 2015 when he married a pole dancer named Sarah Jade.


Stone Cold Steve Austin

Nobody does much care about Austin’s personal life but for the sake of the list, we are going to reveal the same. Austin had four marriages and divorces that he will not be proud of. Austin’s first marriage happened in 1990 with Kathryn Burrhus. Two years later, they separated and Austin married Jeanie Clarke. After surviving seven years, Austin decided to call it a quit. He tied the knot with former WWE Diva Debra a year later. This time, they two had gone separated after some charges against Austin was filed in the court. His fourth one happened in 2009 when he married Kristin and that was the last one for him.


CM Punk

The love life of CM Punk had always been in the spotlight among the fans. He had mastered the dating job and the interesting part is that almost all of Punk’s girlfriends are wrestlers themselves. He was involved with former TNA wrestlers Daffney and Traci Brooks in two separate time frames. In WWE, he started with former Diva Maria Kanellis. After that, he was rumored with two different Divas in the name of Kelly Kelly and Mickie James. Beth Phoenix had a hook up with Punk before settling down with Edge. Talking of Edge, Punk was also with Lita on two different occasions. He separated with Lita around 2013 for the second time to finally settle down and marrying AJ Lee. The duo is going strong still and Punk’s dating resume has been low since then.


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