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AJ Styles Net Worth and Salary Details

AJ Styles Net Worth | AJ Styles Salary
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AJ Styles Net Worth and Salary Details ∼ AJ Styles is indeed a phenomenal performer in today’s pro-wrestling world. It is a time when superstars find it hard to retain their popularity especially considering the volatile attitudes of the WWE Universe. They could turn on against any of the active roster members without any proper reason. Only a handful of names are able to earn cheers from the fans on a constant basis. The current WWE Champion proved to be the same ever since he stepped his foot into the WWE, two and a half years ago.

It’s soothing to ears to listen to the AJ Styles chants every time he comes out to attend the shows. Prior to coming to the big league, this man has wrestled all over the world for the last 15 years. This already earned him the respect he needed from the indie circuit. Joining the WWE only increased his fanbase. Furthermore, WWE made him the cornerstone superstar of revamped Smackdown Live brand from 2016 onwards increasing AJ Styles net worth.

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We could have barely thought of seeing AJ Styles in WWE someday. He was one of those prime superstars who still held the independent scene colorful. Most of the AJ Styles salary used to come from indie promotions as he worked almost in every one of them. His growing age was also a bar while joining the main roster of the WWE. But he not only did showed up effectively but also showed tremendous resiliency to hang on with the other big fishes in the pond.

An opportunity came to him in the form of the brand extension draft in 2016. Raw and Smackdown Live went back to be separate shows with a different roster. The red brand had Roman Reigns as the leader whereas the blue brand received AJ Styles to do the same duties. This converted him into the ‘face that runs this place’ which previously was a catchphrase stolen from John Cena. But nowadays the Tuesday Night Show indeed became an event where he is the poster boy.

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AJ Styles net worth has hit to an amazing figure of $6 million as per the reports of celebritynetworth.com. It was around $3 to $4 million in 2016 when he joined the WWE. So the uprise hit a significant range of around 50% in the last couple of years. This indicates how much he has been successful in his WWE career. He competed in consecutive 31 PPVs since his debut. Only the who’s who superstars who later became legends, featured in multiple PPV events.

In recent times, only Kevin Owens had an impressive record of competing in consecutive 29 PPV matches. The current WWE Champion has broken the record. Considering his momentum, he should drag this to a long way unless unfortunate injuries interfere. Featuring in such number of PPV matches already increased AJ Styles salary to a big extent. He has been the workhorse of the company while performing in the Smackdown house shows.

AJ Styles salary was around $500 – $600K during his debut in the company. After spending two and a half years on the roster and becoming the face of Smackdown Live has surely taken this range closer to $1 million. It would not be surprising for us to see him getting paid over the $1 million marks, sooner. Only an elite bunch of superstars receives this much amount as payment which is beyond $1 million. Names like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Triple H receive this much amount.

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As noted earlier, independent used to be the permanent address for AJ Styles for a long time. To be specific, he was the franchise figure for the TNA Wrestling promotion. They used to pay him $200-$250K in his initial days. The bonus system courtesy of merchandise selling was on for him. Later AJ Styles salary became $350 – $390K during his final tenure in the promotion. He deserved much better payments from the company. But they were not capable of offering much in a time when the head honchos were dealing with financial crisis.

TNA heads allotted a handsome fixed bonus amount to please their poster boy. Later, the contract situation between the two parties went worse. The company offered a rumored $60K guaranteed which was just 1/5th of what he earned in his previous contract. So he was definitely not happy in this offering and chose to fight rather in the independent scene. This marked a huge loss for the TNA wrestling promotion.

But this benefitted the Ring of Honor as they got The Phenomenal One under their banner. But their offered money was not enough to satisfy AJ Styles net worth. So this run came to an end following a good offer from New Japan Pro-wrestling promotion. It was perhaps the most successful run in his career apart from the TNA run. He became the leader of the infamous Bullet Club replacing another top name i.e. Finn Balor. The faction featured Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows who later joined WWE, too.

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It was in earlier 2016 when rumors started to fly that WWE might have contacted with AJ Styles offering a spot on the main roster. The debut happened on a surprising note when he showed at the Royal Rumble match in number 3 spot. This debut might have changed the landscape of the WWE to a big extent. The greatest in-ring technician of this generation took the least time to break through the WWE scene and solidify his spot in the main event.

It was a historic day on September 11, 2016, when AJ Styles captured the WWE Championship from Dean Ambrose for the first time ever. He has become a two-time holder of the most prestigious title present in the sports entertainment. The combined title reign has crossed 450 days breaking a number of records. He is now the longest reigning WWE Champion in the history of Smackdown who is now eyeing to surpass the reign of CM Punk that continued for 434 days.

It’s quite easy to understand how much important ‘the champ is’ for ‘running the camp’ is for the WWE brand, nowadays. No wonder AJ Styles net worth hit the $6 million mark in quick speed. Apart from his base payment, he draws a huge amount from merchandise selling. In fact, AJ Styles became the highest merchandise selling figure amongst all the superstars toppling John Cena, last year. AJ Styles salary definitely received a huge bonus in the form of royalty revenues from this selling.

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In addition, WWE 2K series crowned this superstar as the cover star of the 2K19 edition. This is not only an honor to him but also a huge boost for AJ Styles net worth. The 2K series alongside WWE added thousands of dollars to AJ Styles salary for this stint. Furthermore, this has also extended the WWE Championship reign that was about to end following Wrestlemania 34.

When it comes to the championships, AJ Styles has won a lot of those through his illustrious career. Promotions invested him in millions that boosted AJ Styles net worth. Starting from NWA promotion, he became a three-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and four-time NWA World Tag Team Champion. He became a one-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, two time TNA World Tag Team Champion, and six-time TNA X Division Champion.

The indie scene stint continued for him through ROH where he captured the ROH Pure championship. Later, he was able to capture the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. This made him an incredible record holder across different promotions. AJ Styles is the only superstar to hold the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, IWGP Heavyweight Championship, and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He became the United States Champion as well, last year. With the poster face tag attached to him, AJ Styles salary and net worth should have no reason to worry. Things can only be better for him from now on as he continues to solidify his legacy as a future WWE Hall of Famer.

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