Brock Lesnar’s schedule till Wrestlemania 32 has published with Royal Rumble just going down into the history books. The beast will be on the final pay per view before Wrestlemania 32 i.e. Fastlane that will take place on February 21st from Columbus, Ohio.

The schedule shows that Lesnar will be appearing on RAW 4 times and return on Smackdown after 12 long years in the month of February. He is scheduled to appear from the 16th February tapings which are scheduled to go on air on 18th February.

Apart from these two flagship shows of WWE, he will also take part in WWE live events. Montreal live event and the March to Wrestlemania from Toronto, Ontario will see him perform. In total, Lesnar will appear in 9 shows between Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.

Brock Lesnar’s schedule afterwards Royal Rumble till Wrestlemania:
February 1st – RAW in Birmingham, AL
February 8th – RAW in Seattle
February 16th – Smackdown in Ontario, CA
February 21st – Fastlane in Cleveland
February 22nd – RAW in Detroit
March 11th – WWE live event in Montreal
March 12th – “March to Wrestlemania: Live from Toronto”
March 14th – RAW in Pittsburgh
March 22nd – Smackdown in Boston
April 3rd – Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas


With the happenings that went by these past weeks and on Royal Rumble where the Wyatts did take him out for the Rumble match and barred him from the main event, it is quite evident that the beast will be in the hunt for the eater of the world. Finally, that will probably lead these twos collision at Fastlane or Wrestlemania itself. Maybe it’s time for the Wyatts to run.


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