Backstage news about the Rock regarding heavy security at Wrestlemania

Arindam Paul / 08 April 2016

Ever since the Rock has declared that he will show up at Wrestlemania he was trending worldwide in the social media platforms. Speculations were high about his segment and rumor mills were running constantly about whom he will confront at the grandest stage.

It was back in February when the Great One has announced that he will make it to Wrestlemania. Since then his upcoming movie producers of Baywatch and insurers was in some sort of dilemma over his health. They felt the star may hurt himself or get injured accidentally if he does participate in a wrestling match.

So, it was speculated that he will only have a non-wrestling role at the event as he had signed the said ‘non-wrestling’ clause.

Before starting of the much-anticipated segment, the Rock did a mega entry with the girls dancing on the ramp and setting the Rock name on fire with a flamethrower. After coming into the ring he announced that Dallas, Texas has recorded the highest WrestleMania attendance with more than 101,000 people attending the event. He then got interrupted by the Wyatt family and in the heat of the confrontation decided to wrestle Eric Rowan of the family.

Viewers indeed got excited to see the Rock in his wrestling gear. He wrestled in a match to beat Rowan within six seconds to create another record as the shortest match in Wrestlemania history.

Reports from suggest that the Rock was under high security, backstage at Wrestlemania. He was in a separate locker room which was near the gorilla position. It is likely that the high security was provided as per the instructions coming from the producers of his upcoming movie Baywatch movie. Even, the security was so impactful that he was cordoned out of the stadium right after his segment has ended.

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