Becky Lynch Prohibited Seth Rollins From Deleting Twitter Account

WWE’s Becky Lynch Prohibited Seth Rollins From Deleting Twitter Account

Seth Rollins
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Not every superstar in the WWE is a fan of social media and Seth Rollins is one of them. Just like his former Shield brethren Dean Ambrose, the former Universal Champion doesn’t really feel acquainted with the idea of having a social media account. There’s an additional reason for him as this got him into deep trouble, a few years ago.

For those who don’t know, some of the private photos have been leaked through his profile. Now, this is one instance when someone would want to delete the entire profile, forever.

Are WWE Couple Becky Lynch And Seth Rollins Married Now?

WWE's Becky Lynch Prohibited Seth Rollins From Deleting Twitter Account 1

While having a conversation with Out Of Character, Seth Rollins revealed that it was his fiancée Becky Lynch who convinced him not to fully leave social media. She was the one who didn’t let him delete those apps from his phone although Twitter and Instagram created a disturbance in his life in the past.

Becky Lynch had some inspiring words for Seth Rollins

As you can see in the following comments from Seth Rollins, WWE’s The MAN was able to drop some inspiring words to her man’s ears who also realized that it wouldn’t be a wise decision to do so. So he’s still tweeting what’s in mind.

“I hate social media — I really dislike it. I had deleted the Twitter app from my phone for a few months because, to me, it created a toxic environment in my head. As I was becoming a new father, I needed to not waste my time on that. It was actually my fiancée/wife who said, ‘You should think about it. I know you hate it and you don’t like being on the apps, but you should think about it,’ and I was like ‘ahhh.’ I looked around and no one was really doing it, so I said to hell with it and I’ll give it a shot and see what happens. The response has been pretty good so far.”

WWE Star Seth Rollins Shares Cute Sleepy Photo of Becky Lynch And Baby Roux

WWE's Becky Lynch Prohibited Seth Rollins From Deleting Twitter Account 2

Seth Rollins has become a master in playing the heel character on TV while he also uses his Twitter account to channelize his heel gimmick. Thanks to Becky Lynch, this is still possible. If it wasn’t for his life partner, The Messiah might not have a Twitter, in the first place. Keeping himself connected with social media isn’t that bad, either.

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch welcomed baby Roux, last December after which Rollins returned on TV. But fans are still waiting to see Becky Lynch on TV who is yet to make a return. It will happen, eventually, but there’s no confirmed update when it could happen. WrestleMania 37 seems to be a perfect spot for her to make the big comeback but that’s not the case.

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