Becky Lynch has something brewing with a superstar accused for shoplifting?

Arindam Paul / 18 April 2016

Becky Lynch has come a long way since her debut in WWE and earned quite a fame for herself on her own. She came into the main roster with her partners from NXT i.e. Charlotte and Sasha Banks. These three has given us a hell of a match at Wrestlemania 32 to remember for a long time.

As for the title picture scenario goes, she will be out from there as of now despite her outstanding performance in Wrestlemania. We have not seen her much since then. She even did not compete on Raw or Smackdown, too.

While she was interviewed regarding the Divas championship scenario on WWE Smackdown last week, she was interrupted by Emma. The girl next door image is now shoved off from her and she is there to prove something. Emma made it clear that she debuted even before Becky but still not given any chance that she deserves. She accused Becky of stealing her spotlight and told her that her time was up. Though, the further build up of the story was not brought up on Raw, it is evident that with nothing on-hand, the Irish Lass-kicker will square-off against her in near future.

Though she was not seen on both Raw and Smackdown, she had commented that she is not stealing anyone’s spotlight and worked extremely hard to get to here where she is standing right now. On the other hand, Emma was a WWE Diva but got released by WWE in the year 2014 after getting accused of a shoplifting. The matter was quickly resolved when she accepted her unwilling mistake and re-hired by WWE to perform on NXT.

Becky said after she was interviewed backstage, “Yeah, she came at me quite aggressively saying that I stole her opportunities. I’m not the one who steals things. I have scraped and clawed my way to exactly where I am right now and I’m not going to stop until I reach the top. So if Emma wants to come at me like that, well, come at me, bro. You know what? Light that match because I am 100-percent straight fire.

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